this floors they have the ability to bring life to any space. house, but it also has many other features, such as scaring away mosquitoes or cleaning the air. Sometimes we have doubts about whether it would be good to have them. in our bedroom but the truth is, they can help us sleep. And it is plants can oxygenate the environmentrelax and make us feel happier thanks to its scentand they help us rest for them.


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  • The most poisonous plants for our dogs and cats

these are just some in the plants if so what should be in your room sleep problem

peace lily

Also known as The Cradle of Moses or the Peace LilyIt is an absorbent plant. excessive humidity of the environment. It also has the ability to clean the pollutants that have accumulated in us. house. The peace lily is very easy to care for because the best way to keep it happy is to keep it happy. give enough light (though not directly) and at a temperature around 18-21ºC in summer.

Espatifilo is one of those indoor plants that will help you sleep better.

Aloe vera

dir-dir herb countless healing properties, in addition to acting as an effective cosmetic product. to them Benefits Aloe vera also has the ability to cool the environment. what are you waiting to add house This summer?

Aloe Vera, one of the herbs that will help you sleep better


A study by Professor Hanns Hatt of the Ruhr University Bochum concluded that the scent of jasmine flowers helps to sleep better. This herb has relaxing properties. reduce anxiety levelsClear the mind and improve sleep quality.

Jasmine is one of the herbs that will help you sleep better.

love cycle

This herb is perfect for anyone who loves plants but finds it difficult to care for. Also called love bond. malamadre or spider plantfreshens the air in the room and absorbs bad odors.

Love bond, one of the herbs that will help you sleep better


With its characteristic aroma, lavender is highly recommended for these people. people suffering from anxietybecause its scent brings us serenity and serenity. To increase its benefits, it is better to have lavender plants at home rather than using essential oils as the effect will last longer.

Lavender, one of the herbs that will help you sleep better


Gardenias with the brightness of their leaves and the aroma of their flowers one of the most popular options when decorating bedrooms. However, the study ‘Use of crocetin in improving sleep quality’ (2010), led by Professor Hirohiko Kuratsune, concluded that this herb may be as effective as Valium in helping us fall asleep.

Gardenia, one of the herbs that will help you sleep better free


Sansevieria is perfect for your bedroom. this plant emits oxygen throughout the night and refresh the field. Have a peaceful sleep in a natural and beneficial way for your health on hot summer nights.

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Sansevieria, one of the herbs that help sleep

Sansevieria, one of the herbs that help sleep