Toxicologists reject natural death version of Jorge Ignacio Palma victim

This Monday, a new session of the case was held. alleged serial killer Jorge Ignacio Palmaaccused Arliene Ramos, Lady Marcela Vargas and their completed murders Martha Bald and those who attempted eight more women in the period 15 and a half monthsmanage them cocaine of the highest purity by genitalia under deception.

In this fifth session of the hearing, a friendly witness to the case Arlene Ramos he said he was on the extremity last Friday and finally couldn’t reach the sight in time. His statement was postponed, with no date given yet.

Arliene, the defendant’s first death, was fatally assaulted while intoxicated.. This witness was not found during the investigation, but his statement was released in the process last Friday.

During the day, many agents from the police unit intervened. scientific police National Police Service presenting the results of collection and analysis finger prints Besides the apartment in Gran Via Marqués del Turia, 78 years old DNA found in place.

Two agents from the National Police lab said they had gotten their hands on some. traces of the scene where the victim was found squirming. According to the details, the analyzed samples corresponded to a flask with a brown liquid taken from a glass beaker and a tube with a powdery white substance. It turned out to be cocaine with a fortune of 81.6%. The police expert underlines the purity of the drug, “no cut or adulterant substances have been identified.” Experts from the National Police Toxicology laboratory reported that the usual thing was that once the drug reached the country, it was cut and mixed. Jorge Ignacio’s defense questioned the work carried out by police experts, arguing why analyzes of this substance were not taken to “official organisms”. did not belong.

Two police experts described how they came to the conclusion that two of the fingerprints, one taken from the left ring finger and the other from the left index finger, belonged to the alleged serial killer Jorge Ignacio PJ. “Suspicious traces reach usWhat we don’t know is from the police technical eye exam,” says one of the police experts. We load it into the Automatic Fingerprint Recognition System (SAID), which is fed with people with a criminal record, and the system nominates you.”

Moreover Forensic experts, who autopsied Arliene Ramos’ body, intervened. 32-year-old Brazilian woman, Defendant left to die in a brothel in Plaza Cánovas de Valencia. Coroner María José Llobell initially admitted in her autopsy report of April 4, 2019, that she concluded that the death was due to natural causes, as they did not appreciate sufficient blood concentrations to suggest drug poisoning. And the body could not be sampled because the removal of the victim’s organs (heart, both lungs, a spleen wedge and a pancreatic wedge removed) would be affected by the aforementioned explant. “To determine what death is due to drug poisoning, in which case there must be sufficient concentration that does not occur”, the expert explained; It is the first piece of evidence applied in the six sessions of the case, which is in the defense’s best interest and which will be strictly adhered to in the concluding report. The coroner concluded that “he would have died suddenly” had it been a death from cocaine poisoning. While it was clear that Arliene had been dying for several minutes, and had it not been for the resuscitation efforts of the emergency medical services, she would have died on the spot.

Barcelona toxicology experts opposed coroner’s statement From the Valencia Institute of Forensic Medicine, which ruled out poisoning as the cause of Aliene’s death. “The time the sample is taken is important because the concentration will be much higher in the previous hours.” And they admit that the concentration of metabolites isn’t particularly high, so it’s been six to seven hours since poisoning. By the time the sample was taken and during that time it would be metabolized and its concentration in the blood would drop, they add, “We have to consider that the concentration of cocaine would have been much higher, taking into account the fluids, Toxicology experts were previously judged by the Valencia Forensic Institute coroner, who ruled out poisoning as the cause of Arliene’s death. He claims it contradicts what has been said.

At tomorrow’s hearing, they will consider the death of Lady Marcela Vargas.

This Tuesday they will consider the death of Lady Marcela Vargas at the hearing. Second death claim of Jorge Ignacio. PJ A witness who found the body, the chief investigator of the National Police Homicide Squad, and several agents involved in the police technical eye examination will testify.

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