Electricity will rise 4 percent this Tuesday to exceed 270 euros

this electric will rise this tuesday More than 4%, up to €270.17 megawatt-hours (MWh)The gas ceiling to be compensated to the facilities using this material according to the results of the auctions held at the wholesale markets or in the ‘pool’ and the correction to be paid by the beneficiaries.

Considering these levels, About 16 euros cheaper than the 286.21 euros per MWh payable in the Iberian Peninsula if the gas price limit were not applied on the doorstep of completing its first week in operation for electricity generation.

Considering the tender results wholesale marketwhich has hitherto fixed the next-day priceelectricity will decrease by 6% on average to 148.03 euro/MWhcompared to 157,48 Euros marked for today.

According to time zones, It will be recorded between 22:00 and 12:00 when it will be paid as a maximum of 180.03 euro/MWh.minimum 126.36 Euro/MWh, between 17:00 – 18:00.

However, these amounts have to be added to the cost of adjusting the gas power plants, which vary depending on the volume required and price of the system and is passed on to the households and beneficiary companies.

for this Tuesday the average adjustment for these consumers will be 122.14 Euro/MWh on average..

Already implementing this data, which the Iberian Electricity Market Operator (OMIE) published within an hour of setting the “pool” price, MWh will increase by 4.4% this Monday compared to 258.6 euros including cost adjustment.

Source: Informacion


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