Denmark will join the EU’s common defense policy from July

Denmark Officially informed on Monday European Union their participation in the common defense policyviolated an exit clause that kept the country out of European military missions and programs for 30 years.

“I have received notification from Denmark to join the common Security and Defense policy. With this step, Europe even more unifiedEU Foreign Policy High Representative Josep Borrell discussed it with Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod after signing the official document on the sidelines of the ministerial meeting. in Luxembourg.

Kofod described the day as “historic” and confirmed that from 1 July the Scandinavian country can join European defense policy. “We are ready to step up and take more responsibility for European security“, underlined the Danish minister.

Denmark voted in a referendum held on 1 June to join the EU’s defense policies to set aside the country’s voluntary exclusion on this issue. In the referendum, where the turnout was 65.8 percent, 66.9 percent of those who participated in the consultation voted to remove the reservation.

Because of this paragraph, So far, the country has not participated in EU defense programs, contributed funds, sent troops or supplies.It’s similar to monetary policy, so you keep your krone and not the euro.

Source: Informacion


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