Now that the high temperatures have arrived, there are many options available on the market when it comes to cooling our home. from different devices air conditioning (e.g. split or portable) ceiling fans or standing


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We’ve already talked about models here. cheapest ceiling fans You can buy from Leroy Merlín and Carrefour, but in this piece we will talk about the floor model.

This type of fan consumes very little energy and is easy to carry and place in any room in your home, you just need a plug. Its wide base offers lots of stability and is ventilated. oscillation With the movement of its wings and head, it distributes the air more evenly throughout the room.

The top models have different speeds, a timer and even a remote control so you don’t have to get up every time you want to set them. So, if this is your favorite option, they have several models that you won’t need to spend more than one on. 25 euros.

Permanent fans at Carrefour

The cheapest standing fan we found on the Carrefour website is the 45-watt GSC evolution. It has three speeds and a diameter of 40 centimeters. It has a protective grille, a timer and can be adjusted both in height and inclination angle. You can also hold it steady or leave it in swing mode. This model is black and is only sold through the website of French supermarkets. its price 21.79 €.

The second model is Klindo brand and is the KSF470S model. It has a power of 55 w and a diameter of 40 cm, exclusive to Carrefour. It has three blades, is white and oscillates automatically. You can buy for 21.90 €.

Four models cheap Carrefour floor fan carrefoursa

You have the Artrom VAP-16 permanent fan for the same price. For sale online only, white, three speeds, oscillating, height adjustable.

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For five cents more you have another device in white, the Royalty Line SVT-45.3 with a diameter of 40 centimeters, which can oscillate or remain stationary. It has three speeds and a four-position height-adjustable switch.

Finally, the most original design is the Levante Helios Home 45 in white and blue. Features show that it is very quiet with an oscillating foot and three speeds. It is 30 centimeters in diameter and its head can spin more than 180 watts. its price 22.95 €.