A car skips a check in the Vatican and drives over two gendarmes

Vatican boosts security for events st peter’s square After this Sunday, a vehicle bypassed the checkpoint and to stop it, two gendarmes attacked, firing at the wheels.

After the incident, the Italian police activated the anti-terror protocol. swiss guard It has closed access to the Vatican through its gate. Inquisition.

According to local media, the incident ended with the arrest of the driver. an Albanian with a criminal record The 39-year-old had fled the central area of ​​the Pantheon minutes ago after local police stopped him for a routine checkup.

After going down Paolo VI street which has borders One of the ‘arms’ of Bernini’s cloisters, the vehicle stopped at Plaza del Santo Oficio, where two carabiners were trying to stop it. However, the driver fled again, revealing that he was under the influence of drugs.

Eventually, two Italian agents managed to intercept him on a nearby street. But before he was arrested, hit them with a car, so they were slightly injured. To immobilize him, it was necessary to use a stun gun as he refused to get out of the car.

this italian police launched an investigation to clarify the fact that an Albanian citizen with a criminal record was involved in the incident, but terrorism was excluded as a reason.

Source: Informacion


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