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Ukraine’s call to start reconstruction before winter

Until last February, Luba had a son and a house. Moschun. She was concerned about her job and day-to-day work as a masseuse at a nearby health centre. He also had to deal with the recent death of his elderly mother. Now, in her gym clothes and never smiling, Luba walks among the ruins of her house, her head bowed, stepping over the riddled dishes and the remains of burnt tools. The mess of ash, lime and metal on the floor makes it hard to imagine what this one-story building used to look like. Nothing remained standing. Everything is burned and destroyed.

Moschun It was a small town with modernist houses, manicured gardens, and a comfortable life. But when the Russian siege of the Ukrainian capital began, its geography was a curse: about thirty kilometers from Kiev, with its military bases and an airport nearby, it quickly fell into the hands of Russian troops, and within a few weeks it was one. focal point of the most violent conflicts first stage of war was launched this year by Moscow in Ukraine. The brutality was such that when the Russian Army finally left the area, local residents discovered how far the war had gone there.

Sergii Zavadskyi, a member of the Rotary Foundation’s Ukrainian branch, explains this by numbers. “Over 400 houses in this town, 70% of which were damaged by bombing, and about 150 of them are now uninhabitable. It’s incredible to see something like this in the 21st century, and it’s a big worry for winter,” he says in front of Luba’s house. Zavadskyi explains that this woman is one of the many people affected in this town where rebuilding still seems like an empty dream. Neighbors currently do not have the support of a few people. volunteers charitable, because the contribution of national and international funds has not yet arrived.

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