Heavy rain in China claimed 5 lives

heavy rains It has been recorded in recent weeks in Guangxi province in southern China. caused five deaths Saturday afternoon, state media reported today. In Liuzhou city (south) these deaths join seven of the past week, all victims of different landslides that buried their homes.

A series of heavy rains affected more than 2.34 million people and caused damage by Saturday afternoon in 110 counties of the state, which has a population of 48 million and an area similar to Ecuador. According to the Asian country’s Ministry of Emergency Management, 452,000 people were evacuated Since the rains began in early June.

Local authorities estimate that the rains have damaged more than 51,800 hectares of agricultural land as well as damaged. More than 2,700 houses were destroyed and more than 10,600 houses were damaged to varying degrees

Weather forecasts point to steady precipitation until at least June 22, so the state government has re-enforced its level 4 flood response protocol.

Last summer, central China flooded after decades of heavy rains: more than 300 people died in Henan province, and entire neighborhoods and subway stations were flooded. As the flooding aired, Western reporters were harassed by locals after official Chinese Communist Party (CCP) social media accounts urged people to “search for BBC reporters” and “alert authorities” if they found them. After an investigation, the CPP concluded in January of this year that the government of the Henan capital city of Zhengzhou and other local agencies were “guilty of negligence and negligence” and that they “hid or delayed information about the dead and people.” lost in disaster,” Xinhua reported.

Song Lianchun, a meteorologist at the National Meteorological Center, said last year: “We cannot say that an extreme weather event is directly caused by climate change, but over the long term, global warming is causing these events to increase in intensity and frequency.”

Source: Informacion


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