Boris Johnson supports holding Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine, not the UK

Eurodrama Choosing the venue for the next edition The Eurovision Song Contest continues with the statements of one of the world’s leading leaders. After completing his official visit to Kiev, Boris Johnson made a statement of support. Ukraine Organizing a music competition in 2023and not in United Kingdom As the EBU wanted: “They won and they deserved it”.

“I know we did a great job, I know we were second and I would love for them to come to this country, but the truth is they won.The British prime minister said after landing from a visit to Ukraine, where he met with Ukraine’s current president Volodymyr Zelensky.

“I think Kyiv or any other safe Ukrainian city would be a great place to do it. I think they can and I think they should,” Johnson said in the response. said.

Boris Johnson’s statements coincide with six major British cities for being offered to celebrate the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in the last few hoursEBU eliminated Ukraine as venue and show British interest in negotiation with BBC For the organization of the 2023 edition.

In addition, some UK councilors, MPs and political parties have proposed: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham and Cardiff Enter this hypothetical race to be the host city of the next edition of the competition.

On your own behalf Ukraine announced a signed letter this Friday By the Minister of Culture and Information and artists such as Ruslana (2005 Eurovision winner) and the director of the state television he is in. By requesting a fix from the EBU, they show their denial of not hosting the event in 2023 after their victory with the Kalush Orchestra.

“Ukraine disagrees with the nature of this decision and was sent to us without giving us the option to discuss other proposals. But the decision was sent to us. We believe we have every reason to negotiate further to find a common solution that satisfies all parties.. We honestly won Eurovision and met all the conditions for its celebration in Ukraine on the dates required for the approval process, providing answers and guarantees regarding safety standards and possible venues for the competition.”

The holding of Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine is a strong message for everyone supporting Ukraine right now. We will ask for this decision to be changed., because we believe we will honor all commitments, as we have repeatedly declared to the EBU. That’s why we’re asking for additional negotiations to host Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine.”

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