Can artificial intelligence be conscious and feel emotions? Ten films that announce it

They will be on the case: this week, a software engineer Google was fired for sharing transcripts of a conversation with artificial intelligence system LaMDA. According to the technician, the artificial entity has been declared aware of its existence and may have feelings with disturbing confessions such as: “I want everyone to understand that I am actually a human being.”

Can a ‘chatbot’ have emotions? Is it possible for a machine to respond beyond the patterns for which it was programmed? It will take a long time for science to find the answers, but cinema, always with a vision, has in many cases been able to imagine artificial systems reaching consciousness and displaying human emotions. we choose here a dozen great titles since science fiction, it has broken down the barriers between them. machine and human.

“Metropolis” (Fritz Lang, 1927)

in the city of the future designed by Fritz Lang and his wife and screenwriter Thea von PortIn a place where the rich live very well and the poor live very poorly, a mad scientist creates a human-shaped robot to replace Maria, the leader of the proletarian revolt, and wreaks havoc. In 1927, a robot with a human instinct couldn’t be nice, because the android is loaded by the devil. Beyond their visionary insights and naive political rhetoric about the city of the future, ‘metropolis’ it was the first film to reflect the (lower) feelings of artificial creation. Your movie is available on Movistar Plus+ and Plex.

‘Lemmy vs. Alphaville’ (Jean-Luc Godard, 1965)

At the top of the Nouvelle Vague, Jean-Luc Godard made a movie set in a future city on another planet, but it was shot in present-day Paris in 1965. AttentionThe protagonist of detective novels and cheap soap operas is faced with a scientist-dictator who controls the fate of the city. Alpha 60A big computer that controls everything and speaks in a high-pitched voice. It’s as crazy as it is heartbreaking, with references to Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, and Nosferatu. Anna Karina is a level 3 seductress with a robotic look, excited by literature. Available in the movie.

‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (Stanley Kubrick, 1968)

The effect of the ‘Metropolis’ was still visible, but Stanley Kubrick He took the idea of ​​a thinking machine that defies human beings much further. In addition to its temporal ellipses of millions of years, the monolith, the journey beyond Jupiter and the emergence of the Nietzschean superchild, ‘2001’, Hal 9000 supercomputer The two astronauts and one of them manages to disconnect it with the famous TV series. Knowing that it will disappear forever, the machine bids farewell by singing an old song. Available on HBO Max and Movistar Plus+.

Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982)

The dystopian sci-fi classic that’s about to celebrate its 40th anniversary in the United States. Ridley Scott novel-inspired Philip K Dick retains both its dazzling visual exuberance and the deep resonance of existential thought. Nexus 6 series replicas, which are physically indistinguishable from humans, are programmed to live only 4 years and, aware of their imminent endThey return to Earth to demand answers from their creator, bioengineer Eldon Tyrell. While the imitation is so perfect… is there any real difference between human and android? Available on HBO Max.

‘The Matrix’ (Lana and Lily Wachowski, 1999)

The philosopher’s stone of the new cyberpunk science fiction. The Wachowski brothers did a mix of dystopian adventure and philosophical exploration. humans enslaved by artificial intelligence and stay connected to a virtual reality device called the Matrix. The insurgents live in the city of Zion and are raiding the Matrix to save other people. Red and blue pills, a shower of digital letters, ‘bullet time’ and a grim future dominated by machines. Tetralogy available on HBO Max

‘The Centennial Man’ (Chris Columbus, 1999)

The action takes place in the first decade of the 21st century, at a time we have already surpassed. A family man buys an NDR-114 robot. With properly constructed features robin williams, this model shows creativity, emotions and contradictions. The movie adapts one of the stories. issac asimov It is built from the Three Laws of Robotics: A robot does not harm a human, must obey the orders of its owners, and maintain its own existence as long as it does not violate the two previous laws.Apple TV can be rented on Google Play, Microsoft Store and Rakuten TV.

‘AI (Artificial Intelligence)’ (Steven Spielberg, 2001)

If it had succeeded in this, ‘AI’ would have meant an extension of what emerged in Stanley Kubrick’s work about artificial intelligence in ‘2001’. However, the filmmaker passed away in 1999. Two years later, Spielberg reactivated the project and moved it to a more personal, domestic and humanistic realm. Intelligent robots here are called Mech. An android boy (Haley Joel OsmentThe one who sees ghosts in the ‘Sixth Sense’) is programmed to love. The problem is not him, it is people’s inability to understand and absorb this revolution. Available to rent on Google Play, Microsoft Store, Prime Video, and Rakuten TV.

‘It’ (Spike Jonze, 2013)

It’s a sad and beautiful movie starring its protagonist, which is romantic and not utopian at all. of Joaquin Phoenixfalls in love with his newly acquired artificial intelligence device. The lonely and shy character, who works by writing letters for third parties, buys because the virtual assistant is promoted as a model that will meet all the user’s needs. Gradually, the relationship between the operating system speaking with the human voice and the human… Scarlett Johansson– reaches levels that neither man nor machine can imagine. Available on Prime Video and Film.

‘Old machine’ (Alex Garland, 2014)

In his acclaimed directorial debut, writer-screenwriter alex wreath discovered the emotional boundaries that separate humans from robots. An eccentric businessman assigns a programmer at his company to Touring, the latest artificial intelligence product, the gynoid (or female-looking anthropomorphic robot), to find out if he has consciousness. A Fascinating revisit of the ‘Frankenstein’ legend for the digital agestylized, tense and deep, like Garland’s later directorial work (‘Devs’, ‘Annihilation’ or the upcoming ‘Men’ sequence). Available on Prime Video and Starz.

‘The Mitchells against the Machines’ (Michael Rianda, 2021)

One of the best animated films of the last five years, if not the best, is this crazy and hilarious Sony production (released on Netflix due to the pandemic) about how the Mitchell family must save humanity after the disaster. An AI in the style of Alexa or Siri rebels and decide to kill us all. This is an app called PAL (‘2001’s HAL 9000’ is in the middle of the English pronunciation without Apple’s initials) an app that resists being replaced by a new line of native robots. Available on Netflix.

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