Death threats, money, debts, slums: who eliminated Francisco in Madrid?

“Be careful, we’re going to end your life.” The threat occurred on Calle Santa Susana. In the Madrid district of Hortaleza. For two hundred euros. As Juana Páez reported at the police station, her son Francisco had gone with two friends to the home of a third party who wanted to get his money back. He did not receive any sums, just a threat that resonates in the minds of everyone who knows today.those who call him: “We have a very dangerous family, they will take you and kill you”.

after the threat Francisco de Pablo Paez, 32 years old, He disappeared. He was last seen on Monday, March 21, at half past four in the afternoon. Three months later still missing.. LThe investigation hit a wall: the forensic one. Madrid 27th Civil Court of First Instance closed the case three weeks after the missing person’s report. But as CASE OPEN found out, he fixed it a few days ago, on June 13, and agreed to reopen the investigation as Francisco’s family had requested. His mother, Juana Páez, has one wish: “No matter what happens, I need to find my son alive or dead, but I have to find him. I can’t anymore.”

A picture of Fran shared by her family.

“I’ll be back in an hour”

The day he lost track Francis was at home playing PlayStation with another friendIn the Hortaleza district of Madrid. The Independent lived alone for ten years, “she was now 32 since she turned 21”.

He wasn’t having his best moment. He left behind a somewhat turbulent emotional relationship. He didn’t have a permanent job, “but defended himself.” He took it from there. Maybe he’d hang out with people that weren’t very recommended,” her mother complains. He distanced himself a little, even from his family.but nothing did not warn that it is not good.

“I’ll be back in an hour to fix a problem” was the last sentence he said to his friend before leaving. “From that day on, it was smoke,” Juana says. Francis came out, “The other boy was playing at his house. An hour passed, then two… The boy tried to find her, but to no avail. She left my son’s house. He slammed the door on his way out and to this day my son has not returned there.“.

“The police were clear from the very beginning that my son’s disappearance was not voluntary, that there was something behind it,” says Juana.

The investigation began a week later. A call alerted Juana that something was wrong. “Someone called my brother and told him Francis wasn’t there.“, to remember.

“The phone you’re calling is switched off…” You’ve heard the voice on your child’s answering machine countless times. distressed, went to the police station National Police. “The police were clear from the very beginning that my son’s disappearance was not voluntary, there was something behind it,” he says. They tried to portray the last steps of the young man: “It was like looking for a needle in a haystack”.

One week later, Some of Francis’ friends provided more information. On March 30, Juana expanded the complaint. In the statement that Prensa Ibérica has access to CASO ABIERTO, an event and investigation portal, provided new data: complex environments, medicines, debts, cheating They told him he had bought and sold towns, chavolas, vacant lots, debts, and a Moldavian family that threatened him.

“I learned from my son’s circle,” Juana said as soon as she entered the police station. a few weeks before the date lost my son They escorted him to a house to claim a loan.” The agent wrote down the address and names, “at home, The boy my son is looking for and his father are arguing and threatening him, who came to tell himbe careful they had a very dangerous family and said they would end his life.’” The investigation turned 360 degrees. “He did not leave of his own free will,” his mother repeats.

As the case is closed, as best he can: The dismissal order concluded that “The commission of the crime is not duly justified”. On April 13, it was declared that the disappearance was “not forced”. The family, together with Juan Manuel Medina, the collaborator lawyer of SOS Desaparecidos, filed an appeal, which was adhered to by the Prosecutor’s Office. This Friday, the same court guessed this, reopened the case and demanded initial investigative steps.

“Irrespective of his cell phone, geographical location, recent calls, previous threats…” her mother cries. “It’s closed in three weeks. How does justice work?” she complains.

“Three months have passed, my only fear is that it will be harder to find my son,” his mother complains.

“She came out with the keys and her cell phone in her pocket. She said to her friend, ‘I’ll be right back’… we know it moves in complex environmentsJoan laments. “They left three months, the only thing I’m afraid of now is that it will be harder to find my son.”

He fights with helplessness, poverty, helplessness, and ignorance. “Until this Friday, the police were tied up and they couldn’t continue,” he continues, showing a glimmer of hope in the new situation.

“When he was sacked, it couldn’t have been done. Analysis of Francisco’s phone, geolocation, recent movements, calls… nor the minimal rigor necessary to investigate. We trust that everything will change,” says lawyer Medina.

Photos from Francis’ family album. On the right, the young man with his mother.

playing against time

The mother and the lawyer demanded that the case be reopened by appeal. Also, taking the necessary steps to find out the whereabouts of the young man from Madrid. Let his surroundings be questioned, Moldovan family -already defined- for being the last person to see him alive and requested that their statements be taken since it is known that the people mentioned were arguing with him.

Time passes, plays against. “This is an ordeal,” Juana cries. “They killed me.” Take a breath and try to stay calm. Three months passed without knowing it. The woman trusts that everything will eventually lead to Francisco, the taller boy of almost 2 feet tall, who left home badly on Monday afternoon and never came back.

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