Alicante justifies itself on Artificial Intelligence

Alicante is betting heavily on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and doesn’t want it to go unnoticed. A conference organized by the socialist group in the European Parliament laid the groundwork for the main actors to visit Brussels.

We cannot survive great challenges without Artificial IntelligenceNuria Oliver, director of the Ellis Foundation, declared the importance of this cutting-edge technology in such a powerful way at the conference held in Alicante this Friday at the request of the Spanish delegation of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists. An event highlighting the efforts being made in this area, a visit to Brussels by all these organizations will be organized just at a time when the European Union is promoting a plan with legislation and purpose. Shortening distances in this area with the USA and China.

The conference, entitled “Artificial Intelligence policy in the EU, a pillar for the modernization of the Valencian economy”, served to analyze the situation in which the development of this technology is found both in the Community and throughout Europe. region. Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero, secretary of the PSPV-PSOE in the EU and a deputy in the community parliament, stressed that “company, university and politics should cooperate. Turning the European Union into a world reference and alternative Artificial Intelligence to China and the USA”.

According to the socialist leader, the digital transformation of the economy is one of the priority goals of the Commission, as well as the Spanish and regional governments. We couldn’t have chosen another city that wasn’t Alicante Organizing this conference on the application of Artificial Intelligence in our business sectors”.

Nuria Oliver was responsible for the opening of the event and highlighted the work carried out by the Ellis Foundation on: talent acquisitionAs in research related to the analysis of human behavior through Artificial Intelligence, the development of smartphones, personal assistants and chatbots, and addressing the ethical challenges of this technology such as breach of privacy, opacity or lack of truth. .

Luis Moreno, director of the Artificial Intelligence Economics Research Group at the University of Alicante (UA), also spoke with Andrés Pedreño, co-author of the book “US and China against Europe, preventing decline in the age of AI.” source of accumulated lag in the digital economy, does not decisively bet on the latest technologies.

Ana Berenguer, Generalitat’s Managing Director of Analysis and Public Policy, explained the regional strategy for Artificial Intelligence, emphasizing that “the researchers’ collaboration with the Valencian Government is essential to mark the right path towards innovation”.

One of the highlights was the intervention via telematics of Irina Orssich, head of the Artificial Intelligence Policy sector in the EU. Commission plans to mobilize €1 billion per year Closing distances with the US and China as we work on a draft law on ethical guidelines, an area that includes the Ellis Foundation.

Taking this critical moment into account, the meeting gave rise to a commitment to carry out a mission in Brussels, attended by Consel, UA and Ellis himself, to demonstrate Alicante’s potential and seek synergies.

The conference also touched upon the issue of digitization of companies by Juan Trujillo, managing director of Lucentia LAB; Belén Alemán, director of artificial intelligence at 1MillionBot; and Manuel Desantes, former vice-president of the European Patent Office, in a discussion highlighted by Patricia Blanquer, Minister of Industry and Trade of the PSOE’s Federal Executive, Spain rose from fourteenth to ninth in this sector projection. The closing ceremony was held by the Minister of Innovation Josefina Bueno.

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