Man arrested for alleged perpetrator of sexist murder in Valencia last week

this Civil Guard Valencia and local Chella Police murder suspect arrested this Friday gender violence It occurred on the last Tuesday of last week in the Valencian town of Alzira. 53-year-old woman stabbed to deathpossibly by his partner.

The detainee was in the municipality of Chella, about 43 kilometers from Alzira, at 14:05 this Friday afternoon, and then the Civil Guard handed him over to the Valencian National Police, according to the same sources.

The body of a woman who had suffered several stab wounds was found on June 8 in an isolated house in the municipality and has since been Searched for partner whose identity could not be heard.

It should be noted that victim’s daughter who encountered her mother’s dead body Tuesday around 8 pm. The young woman had gone to fetch him food at around three o’clock in the afternoon. When she entered the house, she left the food in the kitchen and went to work because she could no longer see her mother and wife. there was no sign of struggle in the House.

Later, when he came back from work, to the house located on the side of the CV-41 highway in the Materna district, it was when his mother was still not at home and began to worry because of all the lights. was closed. The girl went to the back to explore the porch and the chicken coop and found it already there. inert and covered in bloodCalled 112 and asked for emergency help.

Source: Informacion


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