Doctor explained the three main reasons for premature graying of hair 03:02

Trichologist Yulia Nagaitseva pointed out the main reasons for the early appearance of gray hair in young people. He talked about it on the radio Sputnik.

Nagaitseva explained that premature graying of hair is considered a symptom of graying hair before the age of 25, and human physiology usually has nothing to do with it.

“A deficiency of iron, copper, zinc or vitamin B can lead to premature graying of hair. There is also a genetic factor, and if relatives have premature graying of hair, we also take this into account. A stress factor can also affect,” explained Nagaitseva.

Nagaitseva says that the first gray hair before the age of 25 is a reason to see a doctor who will tell you what it is connected with. And if this is not a genetic feature, but a deficiency of microelements, then the process of loss of hair pigmentation can be reversed.

doctor before this saidWhat ways can help men slow down the process of baldness?

used to be a doctor named Causes of female pattern baldness.

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Source: Gazeta


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