They demand the recovery of usurped traditional livestock routes within two years

livestock roads These are old traditional routes that have been used for centuries. grazing and the movement of livestock between pasture and irrigation areas Fundamental role in agricultural history and Livestock farming is practiced in many regions. They are one Essential component of rural and cultural heritage.

The Iberian Public Roads Platform (PICP) claimed the Royal Decree. National Livestock Routes Network Promoted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition upon request concreteness in rescue processes and continuity of routes.

PICP proposes that the State manage, manage, coordinate and supervise the recovery processes of roads passing through more than one autonomous community. To guarantee the consistency, continuity and connectivity of the National Network.

This will ensure that the route is optimal for livestock and complementary use in a region and that the same livestock route cannot be accessed due to non-fulfillment of regional government obligations. PICP also means “express proceduresfor “s” Recovers scars ex officio within 24 months at most.

These generally linear paths often pass through a variety of landscapes, including fields, forests and pastures. Although historically they were primarily associated with the movement of livestock, their importance has recently expanded to include other uses. ecological corridors, ways of entertainment And tracks for sports training.

Livestock road in Vega Baja del Segura in Alicante. Tony Sevilla / Information

In most cases, livestock routes are designated as follows: public domain assetsso where are they from collective ownership and is intended general use. These routes plays an important role in preserving biodiversity facilitating connectivity between different habitats, allowing gene flow and migration of wild species.

Environmental and cultural sustainability

In the context of modern regional management, the protection of livestock routes has become an important issue. Urban pressure and the transformation of the rural landscape have led to the loss or usurpation of some of these roads.. Its protection has become the main goal of guaranteeing. environmental and cultural sustainabilityIn addition to maintaining the traditional function of these roads in comprehensive livestock management.

The Platform, which includes associations, sports clubs and other organizations for the defense of livestock routes at the state level, highlights the complementary uses associated with these public domain assets: biodiversity corridors and demands deadlines for sports applications to ex officio save the usurped road heritageβ€œin many cases by large owners.

The purpose of the claims is to “protect these essential public resources for regional planning, nature conservation and the auxiliary infrastructure it contains, the articulation between autonomous communities and sustainable development of the municipalities to which they are connected”.

Livestock road passing through Majadahonda in Madrid. EFE

This inventory of public domain assets led to another argument of the Platform, advocating that the rights of autonomous communities should not be restricted. Inclusion of livestock routes in the National Networkand that citizens and social actors can assertively demand ex officio that these routes be included in the inventory.

It is also requested that the mandatory report requested from the autonomous communities be mandatory but not binding. In the affected organizations section, PICP aims to include among them those who advocate for the Environment and livestock routes in the region. listening and hearing processes.

“A current and living reality”

Within the scope of the action program, the platform put forward the Spanish Government’s desire to start the project “within the first year”. Ex officio rescue of all occupied or usurped livestock routes of the National Network. Requests” review which departments need layout alternatives To determine the historical route occupied by the infrastructure and its validity old borders.

The law recognizes livestock roads as elements of natural heritage and cultural diversity that contribute to the maintenance of extensive livestock activities and sustainable rural development.. Additionally, the law defines their roles as follows: ecological corridorsPICP for supporting the connection between natural areas and biodiversity conservation,” he says.

In this way, PICP demands that connectivity between areas integrated into the system be prioritized. Natura 2000 Network and their integration into the National Livestock Routes Network, thus ensuring that special attention is paid to their conservation status.

National Livestock Trails Network. MITECO

With respect to the Livestock Routes Documentary Fund, PICP requests that it continue to be updated with references from municipal, national historical archives and any other sources that may have information on livestock routes, taking into account the following: These public domain assets are β€œa current and living reality essential to the articulation of the region.”.

Similarly, PICP claims that documentation on livestock routes will be made electronically accessible to citizens, giving trackers access to classification and delimitation processes as well as what needs to be done. reverse route violations.

Finally, PICP Livestock Routes CommitteeIt consists of organizations that advocate for the protection of these routes and the environment.

Information about the General Livestock Routes Network:


Contact address of the environmental department:[email protected]

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