Russians started flying more frequently to Sri Lanka, Spain and Germany in June

Analysts of the OneTwoTrip travel planning service told from which countries tourists begin to buy plane tickets more often in the first summer. To do this, completed bookings from June 1 to June 31 were analyzed in comparison to May in the 30 most popular countries.

Among foreign destinations available to Russians, the share of bookings increased by 120%, mostly for flights to Sri Lanka. Despite the fact that the country has not yet lifted the coronavirus restrictions on entry, tourists visit this destination quite often.

The share of bookings to Spain has also increased: solo travelers are twice as likely to arrive here in June than in May. In third place is Germany, the demand for the destination increased by 82%, from 11 June the country began to allow tourists without presenting COVID-documents.

In addition, Russian travelers started flying more frequently in June to Azerbaijan (share of bookings increased by 72%), Uzbekistan (+63%), Italy (+45%), France (+44%), Egypt (+37). %), Indonesia (+30%) and Maldives (+29%).

Formerly Wrote Indonesia announced that the volume of bookings for flights increased by 125%.

Source: Gazeta


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