The main health benefit of turning off the heating at home is called DailyMail: Turning off the heating reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes 12:55

Scientists at Maastricht University in the Netherlands found that temporarily turning off the heating in the home helps reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In this respect reports DailyMail news portal.

In the study, volunteers were exposed to temperatures of 14 to 15°C for six hours a day for ten days. The authors measured glucose metabolism (how quickly excess sugar is cleared from the blood) before and after cold exposure.

The results showed an improvement in glucose metabolism; The participants’ bodies eliminated excess sugar from the body 40% faster. According to the authors, to achieve a therapeutic effect from cold, you can start by lowering the temperature by just a few degrees for several hours a day. Only then can you move on to more serious changes. Otherwise, very cold weather can cause hypothermia, to which young and old people are especially susceptible.

In addition, scientists have previously been able to establish that a cool room can provide ideal conditions for a good night’s sleep. Volunteers who slept in a cooler room spent a greater percentage of the night in the deepest stage of sleep. It is vital for memory, brain health, tissue repair and a strong immune system.

Previous scientists EstablishedHow does a plant-based diet affect the risk of developing diabetes?

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