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Two arrested for theft of copper wire at a Petrer company


When things happen patrols One of both Security Forces started to identify two suspicious men occupying an area. van parked next to a local business. When the vehicle was searched, agents were detected a few kilos of copper wire, tools and work gloves.

After visually inspecting the company building, they confirmed that there was a box at the rear of the premises with cables of the same model, color and diameter as those found in the van.

Agents arrested both people for a time. allegation of forced robberybeing transferred to the Elda-Petrer National Police Station for instructions on relevant proceedings.

This newspaper, in April, metal theft It exploded again, threatening the years when the copper and aluminum extraction “explosion” took place. Then all kinds cables, latches, grates, doors, windows, handles, railings, mailboxes, building plates, valves, and even irrigation sprinklers from public gardens that disappear from the streets to be sold on the black market. A condition that peaked between 2006 and 2011 and is now showing signs of reoccurrence.

The increase in raw material prices and the blockade of exports from Russia due to the war in Ukraine increased such crimes by 40 percent. province of Alicante. Actually, Bodies and Security Forces They’ve been doubling down on both surveillance and investigations in recent weeks in the face of significant rise. complaints.

Rising prices have once again made the metal an invaluable trophy for thieves. For example, clean copper has nearly doubled in less than a year. 5 euros paid per kilo in 2021 and currently 9 euros offered. And the same process continues Scrap. In 2020, the kilo was paid at 0.08 cents and currently reaches 0.35 cents. And the same thing happens with the rest of the metals.

Registered since last february robberies In almost all Alicante regions of these properties. Inside monovar The thieves forced the City Offices of the Work and Maintenance Brigade to take tools with them and pull the copper wire. Inside Altea They also removed the power lines on the terraces of many seaside bars. Inside Crevilent They even broke into a junkyard to steal the most expensive metals. August A van overturned in a two-metre ditch when thieves fled an industrial building under construction with luggage full of stolen tools and batteries. But the most gruesome robbery took place in April at Elda and Petrer.

A thirty niches of the cemetery Petrer municipality disrespected thief already arrested by local police. The alleged perpetrator entered the cemetery at night and planters and metal trim dozens of tombstones to sell the stolen metal later junk yard from the region.

The same events occurred at the nearby Santa Bárbara de Elda cemetery, but fewer than five desecrated tombs were found. But emotional damage as painful as family members suffer

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