Don Juan Tenorio

With this work, we tried to integrate dance, and above all music, in a classical piece in which José Zorrilla represents Don Juan Tenorio, and bring a completely renewed and up-to-date representation to the stage.

Different pieces of music introduce you to Tenorio’s life, his love and contempt for women, his desire for money and gambling, and his fear of finally confronting his ghosts.

The work chronicles the adventures of Don Juan Tenorio, a young gentleman who dedicates himself to a wild life of betting, love and dueling. The beginning of the intrigue is actually a bet made between him and another young man to see who does more evil with more wealth in a year.

This frees up another, possibly more bizarre bet, where Don Juan manages to seduce a young novice, Doña Inés, and the other young man’s fiancee. Don Juan deftly accomplishes whatever he decides to do, but each time he loses his soul more and more.

At the end of the play, he literally has to face his ghosts, and only young Inés’ love for him can save him from eternal destruction in hell.

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