When will the 2022 additional summer salary be received?

this summer it’s just around the corner and many families are looking forward to the coming of July, not just because of the holidays, the beach and the parties celebrated during the summer season. Also, because it’s July extra summer feea push for workers put an end to Y face the excesses that summer brings to our pockets.

this extra summer fee gathers in status of workersIn article 31, “the worker’s two extraordinary bonuses one year, one of them on the occasion of the Christmas holiday and in the month determined by the other collective agreement or by agreement between the employer and the legal representatives of the workers. Likewise, the collective agreement amount such bonuses.” More commonly, this second extra payment Collected during the month of Junecoinciding with the beginning of the holidays or during the month of July.

Moreover workers with worker, officers is one of the groups that achieved an increase. payroll due in June or July extra summer fee. This is contained in the Civil Servant Basic Status Act. extraordinary payments There will be two per year, each in the amount of one month’s basic fee and all supplementary fees”.

Each company can set a designated collection day for: extra summer feebecause there is no common day for everyone and this raises suspicion. When to receive additional summer salary. However, the most common Employed workers receive an extra summer wage during the month of June.. The situation is different for civil servants. civil servants usually receive the extra summer wage between the end of June and the beginning of July.depending on the administration.

In addition, many retirees expect extra cash income, which can lead to injections, such as an extra summer salary. For pensioners and retirees, their summer salaries are paid at the same time as their July salaries. In other words, the State enters salary and pension on the same day: normally at the end of June.

Pensions are usually collected on the 27th, but recently this date has been brought forward and retirees collect their pensions on the 22nd, so it is most likely extra summer fee to continue. Then it will be when retirees double their pension: monthly payment and extra.

One of the most common doubts about extra summer fee this how much is it charged for. amount extra payments it differs depending on the company and the deal, but you should know that extraordinary payments They cannot be less than 30 days’ base salary or minimum interprofessional salary. If you want to know exactly How much will you receive in your supplemental summer salary? You can calculate it according to salary and hours worked as follows:

  • Full payment amount x (time worked/wage accrual period)

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