The most original salads for a healthy and light dinner

Many are already considering the arrival of summer and the best way to enter the summer season with a fresh air. more stylized figure. if you want to start a diet to lose weight Vegetables should be a big part of your daily menu. Although we recommend in winter vegetable soups and purees Now for dinner, do the same with the arrival of the heat. salads. Of course, we will give you some ideas to make a few. full and different salads so you don’t get bored.

Light and healthy salads for weight loss

Below we offer some recipes for light and healthy salads that are ideal for taking as a first course for lunch or as a single dish for dinner.

This option is characterized by the absence of the two most common components in salads: lettuce or tomato (although there are those who include the latter). is prepared based on red and green peppers, onions (preferably purple) and various accessories.

Moroccan Crispy Salad. Shutterstock

All ingredients should be chopped into pieces about half a centimeter thick. Ideally, aligning it olive oilparsley, mint, pepperand even some citrus, for example juice of a lemon or lime. To be more daring, the original recipe also adds a little Chile to give it a spicy touch.

Adding some fruit to a salad is always a good option. increase the flavor and give it an extra point of originality.

Strawberry salad. Shutterstock

Strawberries are a good source to use right now and go very well with soft cheeses like syrup. mozzarella, nuts like walnuts and even white meat like chicken or turkey. Spinach fits better in this recipe than traditional lettuce. The dish can be spiced up with some corn and some honey in the dressing.

If you are looking for a new option, but one that serves you one plate To complete a meal, pasta can be your best ally.

Pasta salad with arugula and sun-dried tomatoes. Shutterstock

Look for something original like the classics italian pennePrepare al dente, combine with optional arugula and sun-dried tomatoes and add olive oil, basil and a pinch of grated cheese to the sauce.

This option will take a little longer than the previous ones, as you will need to properly prepare the poached egg and grill the asparagus. Make sure the raw material is of the best possible quality, wild asparagusthin and well cooked and free range eggsfrom chickens raised in the best possible conditions.

Green asparagus salad and poached egg. Shutterstock

The cooking point should be ideal so that the yolk does not solidify. The best complement to this salad radish or cherry tomatoes, and for the sauce you can use lemon in addition to olive oil, apple cider vinegarand even mustard.

Pulses are another good option if you’re looking for a slightly more robust option, especially for mealtimes.

Chickpea and carrot salad. Shutterstock

Ideal to get away from this offer’plastic storage container‘ during a working day. To prepare it, cook and mash the chickpeas, combine them with very small pieces of carrots or even eggs, and garnish with lemon, pepper and some sort of lettuce leaf. You can even prepare the resulting mixture in a sandwich with two slices of whole wheat bread.

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