Heat was provided to many houses damaged as a result of the accident in the boiler room in Podolsk 01/05/2024, 23:58

Deputy Governor of the Moscow Region Evgeny Khromushin said that warmth came to the first 20 houses affected by the boiler room accident in the Podolsk microdistrict. This was reported by RIA News.

According to him, one of three boilers was operated in the boiler room of the Klimovsky Cartridge Plant, where the accident occurred.

Khromushin added that 20 out of 173 houses started to receive heat.

According to the press service of the governor of the Moscow regional government, unit number 5 of the Podolsk regional clinical hospital will be connected to the block modular boiler room in the near future. In addition, the remaining 153 apartment buildings subject to heating supply restrictions will receive heat within 24 hours.

Before that, the head of Podolsk was Grigory Artamonov statedHe said that city authorities expect the restoration of heat supply to citizens’ homes on Vesennaya Street after the accident in the heating network on the evening of January 5.

Before that, Artamonov said that after the breakthrough in the heating main line, special attention was paid to the state of heat supply in OIZ No. 5 of the Podolsk Regional Clinical Hospital, where ten heat guns will be delivered.

Previously drunk neighbors in the Perm region got into a fight They burned each other’s baths and houses.

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Source: Gazeta


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