Inflation forces Alicante residents to cut back on travel: more tourism in Spain and less tourism abroad

Although there are no longer any restrictions, the people of Alicante and the rest of the residents of the Valencian Community opted for this last year. reduce trips abroad and stay in national destinations. A decision that increase in transportation or hotel pricesIn addition to the loss of purchasing power that most families experience due to inflation.

Of course, this enclosure did not help them much either, for although they remained closer and shortened the duration of these journeys,They started spending more money. Notably, it is 10.25% more than in the previous year, according to the latest data from the Resident Tourism Survey of the Valencian Institute of Statistics.

In total, the citizens of the Valencian Community performed between January and September last year. 14,003,446 tripsrepresenting a slight representation 0.86% decreaseThis contrasts with the more than 22% increase recorded in 2022, when the easing of all restrictions imposed by the pandemic caused a tourism boom.

Although it may seem like a minor setback, when you look at it, your perspective changes. number of overnight stays made – reflecting the duration of these trips – They fell more than 10 percent. However, the increase in costs caused the average daily expense to increase by around 23%, and the final cost 4.014 million euros This is 10% more in nine months than in 2022.

In addition to the shortening of the length of stay, the main change reflected in the IVE study is the increase in the length of stay. choosing national destinationscloser and, above all, more affordable for most pockets: the average daily expenditure when going abroad exceeds 112 euros per day, compared to the investment when visiting any point outside the community in the Spanish geography.

Alicante residents have increased their trips to national destinations. European Press

Like this, International travel decreased by 6.2%, Until it remains at 1,234,267. A much more pronounced decrease in months SummerWhile the decrease in travel abroad according to 2022 figures is almost 20%, the volume of international travel by Valencians has increased, unlike foreign tourists visiting the autonomous region. It is currently 15% below pre-pandemic levels.


There was a slight decrease in tourism in national destinations as a whole by 0.31%, but this decrease followed a very uneven course. Citizens of the Valencian Community They restricted travel by up to 10% within their autonomy -however, they are the most numerous with a total of 7,062,234 trips- They increased their travel to other parts of the country by 15.25%Until it reaches 5,706,963.

President of the Valencia Travel Agencies Cooperation Association, Miguel Jiménez, accepts that: price increase It is the main factor driving these changes by forcing families to adjust their budgets. However, he states: wars and international instability or the collapse of many airports failed to fully recover connections on the same volume, also affected. Added to this is the emergence of low-cost AVE lines, making travel around the peninsula easier.

This is how the travel budget is distributed

Of the total €4.014 million spent by community residents on travel between January and September 2023, the largest amount went to accommodation, totaling €1.066 million. Another 928 million euros went to transportation; 310 million euros were spent on tourist packages and 972 million euros on bars and restaurants. Finally, the remaining expenditures reached 738 million lira.

Source: Informacion


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