Diplomatic offensive from the US and EU to prevent the war in Gaza from spreading regionally

as a fear expansion of war to Gaza All The main representatives of the Middle East West They activate the diplomatic machinery to prevent the fear from becoming reality. This Friday, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the High Representative European Union Josep Borrell, responsible for foreign affairs, went to the other shore of the Mediterranean with this mission. They are trying to avoid conflict LoopThe offensive, which has already claimed more than 22,000 lives, is expanding into the occupied West Bank Israel,’eat Lebanon And Red Sea. Tension in these three regions has been present since October 7, but has increased in recent weeks.

Borrell until Sunday LebanonHere he will meet with local political representatives, mission chief and commanders. United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), General Aroldo Lázaro. This trip “is an opportunity to discuss all aspects of the situation in and around Gaza, including its impact on the region, particularly the situation in Gaza.” border “Between Israel and Lebanon,” the European External Action Service said in a statement this Friday. The head of European diplomacy “avoid local tension and maintaining the flow of humanitarian aid to civilians, which the EU has quadrupled to 100 million euros.” Additionally, Borrell argued at an event in Lisbon on Wednesday that the conflict between Israel and Hamas needs “an externally imposed response.”, United States It may come from the United States, Europe or Arab countries.

Blinken followed the same line and went on a tour of the region this Friday. Türkiye and Greece. You will visit for a week Jordan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, West Bank and Egypt “underline the importance” protect civilian lives in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza; […] and ensure that Palestinians are not forcibly displaced from Gaza.” “It will also discuss emergency mechanisms to stop the violence, calm the rhetoric Deterring Houthi attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea and reducing regional tensions, including preventing escalation in Lebanon,” the State Department said. “It is in the interest of no one, not Israel, nor the region.” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said Thursday. “We are calling out to the whole world to ensure that this conflict goes beyond Gaza,” he said in a statement. “We do not expect all conversations on this trip to be mutual.” easy“, added.

New plan for Gaza

While diplomacy tries to do its part, the people of the Gaza Strip continue to suffer. indiscriminate attacks Israeli aircraft and tanks throughout the Palestinian territory. At least 162 people According to Palestinian health officials, there have been deaths in the last 24 hours. They also condemned the spread of the epidemic. hunger and fatal diseases, the first deaths from cold in the little ones who were forced to sleep in the open every night. Israeli Minister of Defense Joab BraveHe outlined the issue on Thursday Tomorrow’s plan for Gaza. The agreement will leave the region to be governed by one administration. Palestinian body under general Israeli security control. Gallant said the military would base its strategy on a new, more targeted focus on the northern part of the region and continued pursuit of Hamas leaders in the south.

Over the past few weeks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that post-war Gaza would not be governed by the Palestinian Authority, which is responsible for the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian Government, for its part, said: not open Gallant’s plan to hand over management of the region to unnamed “Palestinian institutions” while guaranteeing security control to Israel. Speaking to the Palestinian news agency Wafa, the presidency said that it was determined to see the end of the Israeli occupation and a future Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital within the framework of the Arab Peace Initiative.

Nasrallah’s speech

Hezbollah leader in Lebanon Hassan Nasrallah, returned to address the nation in his fourth speech since last October 7 and his second this week. “Is inevitable reaction “It’s about what happened in the southern suburbs of Beirut,” he repeated, referring to the drone strike assassination of Hamas number two Salih al-Arouri on Tuesday. But as he did a few days ago, he tried. push the drums of war in Lebanon. Hezbollah’s targets on the southern border “Print Call to Israel to stop the war in Gaza reduce pressure It’s about the resistance in Gaza.” He also declared that there would be no negotiations between Hezbollah and Israel until the war in Gaza is over, “not just for Palestine” but also for southern Lebanon, where he said he wanted to “liberate the rest of its territory”.

Nasrallah stated that Hezbollah is conducting operations in this regard. 670 military operations Israel, which has been on the Israeli border since October 8, has destroyed many Israeli military vehicles. Fears of expansion beyond countries bordering Israel have been present in diplomatic circles for weeks. maritime trade routes. Houthis are in the same direction Iranian and they control most of it YemenMerchant ships were opened fire on Red Sea It has dealt a blow to global trade since November 19, forcing them to take much longer routes. While the war machine in Gaza does not stop, Blinken, who offered to mediate between the parties, is in Turkey for now.

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