Brother of man convicted of ‘City Police Crime’ arrested for gender-based violence

Agents of the Barcelona City Guard arrested this Friday to Albert López’s brother, The former agent of the same city police department was sentenced to 20 years in prison for participating, along with Rosa Peral, in what became known as the ‘City Police crime’. Police charged López’s brother with a crime gender violence. The suspect has up to 42 criminal records for various crimes.

Police sources say that the City Police received a call from a woman who reported threats from her partner who came to her mother’s house. A patrol soon located him and discovered he had also sent threatening messages to the complainant’s mother.. Agents also transferred the two women to the City Police’s Ciutat Vella Victim Care Service for treatment and filed a complaint there.

The arrest took place around 15:00 in the Sant Martí district of Barcelona, ​​and after Mossos d’Esquadra was taken into custody, The case will go to court in the next few hours. In 2020, the Barcelona Court of Appeal sentenced Rosa Peral to 25 years in prison and Albert López to 20 years in prison for the murder of her partner Pedro R. Three belonged to the Barcelona City Guard. A few months ago, this crime came to the media’s attention again with the premiere of the TV series ‘The Body on Fire’. Netflix covering the case.

The decision, approved by the Supreme Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), states that Rosa Peral and Albert López killed Pedro in the house he shared with the victim in May 2017. The agent’s body was found burned in the trunk of his own car on a forest road in the Foix reservoir. The court was of the opinion that the convicts, a romantic couple, continued their love affair while Rosa lived with Pedro.but they decided to terminate the victim because it was “hindering their relationship”.

joint crime

For this reason, the sentence states that “they made a plan to take the victim’s life and finally decided to put it into practice on the night between May 1, 2017 and May 2.” That day, when Peral “arrived at his home in Cubelles after spending the afternoon at his family’s home with the victim and her daughters, he began several telephone conversations with Albert López, and at an unspecified time in the early morning hours of that date, 05/02/2017, Albert López also arrived at the victim’s home.” and after he went to Rosa Peral, jointly, or at least one with the consent and active cooperation of the other, attacked the victim and violently deprived her of her life.Carrying out their actions and acting with common spirit or intent, or knowing and assuming that if they acted in this way they were likely to end Pedro’s life.

Shortly after the crime, the main defendants were temporarily imprisoned and are currently serving their sentences. Unlike Rosa Peral, López has given almost no interviews since entering prison. In 2022, she sent a letter to a Cuatro program reiterating her innocence and making it clear that her incarceration had provided her with “the most absolute introspection.”

‘Presumption of guilt’

Besides making sure she studied criminology, she added in her message, “You know yourself like never before and most importantly you know your environment in ways you never imagined, which in my case was a pleasant surprise.” He also believes that he is only guilty of covering up Rosa’s crime and that his biggest mistake was “continuing to assume that Peral would fix the crime.” and he would tell what really happened to him that afternoon.

In 2021, Albert published a book of over 400 pages titled ‘Presumption of Guilt’, in which he once again declared that he was “innocent” of the crime and that Rosa came to him in desperation to help him get rid of the body. WITHHe also says that there is evidence that was not taken into account in the investigation and that will exonerate him..

The book was a result of a creative writing workshop he attended while in Quatre Camins prison and was an Amazon bestseller. Albert also describes his daily life in prison through his relationships with other prisoners with whom he shares sports activities and workshops.

Source: Informacion


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