35-year-old television presenter Cristina Pedroche revealed some details about herself wage for giving bells New year. She did this on ‘Zapeando’ and also talked about the mysterious dress she will wear for this event: “I have a network contract and everything goes in there. I can’t say more”he explained.

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  • Cristina Pedroche claims that the dress she wore for Bells was battery operated: “There are things that move”

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He did not hesitate to share his thoughts feeling to celebrate this year ten years In front of Campanadas: “I still feel the same pride, hallucination And happiness More than the first time. This is something that has never happened ‘s dream” he said. “I propose that this should happen every year better “And I’m sure we’ll achieve it this year,” he promised.

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when it comes dress Although chosen for this situation there are still many unknowns about what the choice of the model will be. Still, she offered some clues: “It’s a color I’ve never worn,” she said of a “practically made” outfit. His daughter was also involved in this process, and Pedroche says: “She was very impressed by him. attention“.

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Likewise, the presenter explained: “There are never two dresses”This means that the clothes cannot be changed in case something happens to them. Of course, it is difficult to imagine that the part will not arrive safely. Sun Gatebecause a face The security guards who made sure nothing happened to him before the Bells did. “After use, it returns directly to its owner,” the Madrid native said.