China launches investigation into a Taiwanese band playing music at their concert

He does not need Taiwan They no longer buy guns or American politicians to stir things up Strait of Formosa, all you have to do is send a message. tape with recorded audio tracks Chinese. The penultimate crisis is carried out by: Famous Taiwanese band Maydayalleged guilty ‘don’t play back’ and possibly the victim political blackmail. From the accusations and denials this certainty emerges: critical presidential elections They will have fun on the island.

popular chinese blogger It created the tsunami in mid-November. He analyzed the band’s recent concert in Shanghai using computer programs and concluded that the singer did not sing in at least five songs. The message was viewed hundreds of millions of times in a short time WeiboIt was a platform similar to Twitter and eventually made its way onto public television. Shanghai Culture and Tourism BureauThe municipal unit overseeing the entertainment proposal announced it would launch an investigation in two weeks and said it already had audio and video for “scientific analysis and evaluation.” registrar denied the accusations “Malicious attacks, rumors and slander” and admitted that they damaged his group’s reputation.

HE ‘don’t play back’ this is a serious matter inside Chinese. It transcends ethics and enters into law. An article in the Prosecutor’s Diary reminded us that on the loudest days this was one. public fraud and encouraged hypervigilance. A guilty verdict would mean the band could be fined up to 100,000 yuan (almost 13,000 euros) and, worse, face difficulties on future tours in China.

chinese prints

While the group maintains reasonable silence, his company releases the water and the public eagerly awaits the punishment. Such was the case yesterday when two Taiwanese intelligence agents reported that Beijing was pressuring the band to make clear that China and Taiwan are one during concerts, interviews and meetings with fans. According to the island spy memo, China’s National Radio and Television Administration would ask the group to participate in “propaganda about Taiwan.”

The insistence that started with the start of the tour in May and, according to the same sources, persistent refusals provoked the investigation. They also assure that their conclusions come from their own information channels and not from the group’s tip-off; This is a laudable attempt to avoid causing problems with Beijing and elections in crisis. “We decided to disclose the incident because there has never been an attack on this scale against Taiwanese groups,” they explained. According to him, the aim is Taiwanese youth vote towards the friendliest options Beijing. If it is true and not a negligible condition, this will once again prove that it is not such a condition. The most crude, clumsy and harmless propaganda than the Chinese one.

Beijing he denied this. Her Taiwan Affairs Office He spoke of “fake news” and “pure inventions”. “This is a cunning and malicious political manipulation. We hope that our Taiwanese citizens will detect this conspiracy and not be deceived,” their spokesman said.

‘Asian Beatles’

may Day They’re not just anyone. Some call them ‘without risk of originality’.Asian Beatles. They’re in their forties and have been releasing less silly pop than the continental average since the late ’90s. They are known for themselves long and energetic concerts and his fans were eagerly awaiting his return after the pandemic hiatus. Inside five seconds Their six concerts in Beijing were sold out and they played eight shows in ten days in Shanghai. cumulative audience related to 660,000 people in both cities. And they, like any artist with one foot in the Chinese market and without suicidal commercial tendencies, are very discreet in them political views.

These protests in Hong Kong years ago left the former colony’s singers and actors in a delicate position, having to speak to local and mainland youths who were desperately faced with the situation. What Taiwan It has been structural for seventy years. The usual way is silence and quick apologies after any mistake. This year, a Taiwanese rock band offered them a refund of their ticket fee after congratulating them on their first appearance on the Shanghai stage. ChineseAssuming Taiwan doesn’t exist.

The context is complex and the choices make the situation worse. integra and to rituals, where Taiwan condemns interference and Beijing denies them. Using a pop group as a weapon shows how little need they have for a fight.

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