Pastry chefs hope to sell 30 million roscone de Reyes this year

Nowadays Spaniards almost consume 30 million pieces kings rosconesAccording to estimates by the Spanish Association of the Bakery, Pastry and Pastry Industry (Asemac), this is equivalent to a 5% increase in sales of the pastry product compared to the previous campaign.

HE marzipan and fruit roscón Even though it’s still a bestseller, we follow it very closely. cream filling. In fact, some bakeries are already selling more cream-based cakes, the Barcelona guild details.

Felipe Ruano, president of Asemac, emphasized this Thursday: “Last year, before the campaign, there was an inflationary environment in raw material prices, which caused consumption figures to remain stable. This year the environment is different and families are betting on consumption.” . Another trend employers noticed this year is more seasonality adjustment of the product.

“Every time we realize this Demand is ahead for Roscones More on the calendar. “From the end of November onwards, the pre-Christmas climate forces families to consume at other times beyond the traditional consumption on January 5 and 6.”

OCU selection

loyal to tradition, Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has made public its ranking of the best roscones to buy in supermarkets. The business explains its choice roscones, filled with cream analyzed their “composition, nutritional profile, and whether they meet the characteristics of a good roscón de reyes.”

Supermarket roscones adds OCU, “They are cheaper and their quality cannot be compared with a good artisan roscón. Among other things, it is common to resort to too many additives and they are often frozen.

The organization states: Six out of 13 roscons analyzed do not reach an acceptable rating. He notes that the determining factor is the quality of the filling, noting that some roscones replace the cream (in whole or in part) with mixtures of palm, coconut or rapeseed vegetable oils. He also warns that “there are roscones who abuse additives such as colorants, preservatives, emulsifiers and texturizing agents.”

His conclusion was that the best of the 13 selected roscones, Lidl brand, this also offers a very good quality/price ratio, followed by roscón de nata El Corte English SelectionThis is also the most expensive among those analyzed. Dia, Alcampo and Aldi are third, fourth and fifth on the list.

Source: Informacion


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