this cockroach insects metamorphosis incomplete creatures that go through three stages in their life cycle: egg, nymph, and adult. While this insect is in the breeding phase, cockroach eggs small is stored capsules or deposits found on the female’s abdomen and then hides in a cozy corner and near food when the fairies spawn. These The deposits in which cockroach eggs are found are called oothecae. and differ by species. we will tell you How to distinguish and how to eliminate.


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So are German cockroaches and their eggs.

this German, Germanic or blond cockroach is one species of cockroaches The most common of these insects in Spain. This pest lives only in urban environments, especially in hot and humid environments, so it normally breeds in food processing facilities, bars, restaurants, hotels and home kitchens. Also, an interesting fact is that blonde cockroach It can survive 12 days without food or water, and 42 days with only water.

this blonde cockroach eggs They are found in the oothecae, located in the posterior part of the abdomen of the females, until they hatch. where is oothecae hgerman cockroach eggs They are in the form of a thin capsule, brown in color and about 8 millimeters long. Each German cockroach egg can contain up to 48 eggs.

So are American cockroaches and their eggs.

You see them on the street all the time during the summer months in the Levante region and let’s face it, the chill they give you is as intense as their size. we are talking about american cockroach, a reddish-colored insect that can grow up to 5 centimeters in length. Also, as if their size wasn’t enough to create a nightmare, american cockroach they fly

this american cockroach females After completing their formation, they carry the ootheca with their eggs for a day, then deposit them by sticking them on a surface suitable for their nymphs, preferably horizontally, with their mouth secretions. American cockroaches prefer basements, ground floors and drains.

ootheca american cockroach eggs It has a broad bag-like shape and is dark brown.

So are black cockroaches and their eggs.

known as black or oriental cockroach This insect is one of the most feared pests, because its appearance is associated with a lack of cleanliness. Black cockroaches prefer cool environments It is very common to find it on ground floors or basements, therefore in sewers, manholes and sewers. Unlike the German cockroach and the American cockroach, black cockroaches can withstand very low temperatures.

where is oothecae black cockroach eggs They resemble the American cockroach, shaped like a bag and about 10 millimeters long and 5 millimeters wide.

if you have seen one cockroach If you’re in your house and suspect it’s laying eggs in a corner, the location will be much easier if you know what species you’re dealing with. this cockroach eggs They are very resilient, so killing them is not an easy task.

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For remove cockroach eggs you will need vacuum cleaner strong, this will be your main weapon. With it, you can reach the most remote corners of your home and vacuum cockroach eggsCheck furniture, grills and back appliances well. Also, after thorough cleaning, you should use a special insecticide for cockroaches in the area where you placed the eggs to prevent adult cockroaches from laying their eggs there again.

You can also try to put homemade cockroach trapsinside This article We tell you how you can do these. It’s also best to seek help from a pest control professional in severe cases of infestation.