Hamas calls on people around the world to join the protest in support of Palestinians in Gaza 01:19

Hamas said that the Palestinian people are grateful to the international community for their call for a general strike on Monday, December 11, in support of the people of the Gaza Strip, who are victims of Israeli aggression. This was reported by TASS.

The movement’s statement states that Hamas expects mass participation from people around the world to protest “war crimes committed by Israeli troops.”

Hamas believes that human rights activists should bring to justice those responsible for attacks on civilians and declare them war criminals.

Before this, local law enforcement in London, the capital of Britain produced 13 people were detained at a demonstration in support of Palestine.

Before this, it was known that a group of demonstrators supporting Palestine attacked Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson with dissatisfied words due to the prime minister’s condemnation of the radical Palestinian movement Hamas.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu promised to destroy It was Hamas.

Source: Gazeta


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