The meeting of the initiative group supporting Putin’s candidacy for the elections was held in Moscow 15:21

According to the press service of the movement, the Central Executive Committee of the Popular Front held the organizational meeting of the initiative group in support of the nomination of the current president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation.

As part of the event, it was decided to hold a meeting at the Zaryadye concert hall of the initiative group that will support Putin’s candidacy in the presidential elections to be held on December 16 in the Russian Federation.

It was noted that the Chairman of the People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Artem Zhoga, had a meeting with the Secretary of the General Council of United Russia, Andrei Turchak, and the chairman of the People’s Front executive committee, Mikhail Kuznetsov. Proposal to hold an organizational meeting of the initiative group. Volunteers began to bring together representatives of sports, science, education, health and culture, as well as public and political organizations.

According to Kuznetsov, Putin’s decision to go to the polls is an event not only in Russia but on a global scale. “Behind each of us there are large, important communities for the country that can join the presidential candidacy group and take part in Putin’s election campaign,” he said.

As Turchak noted, United Russia will participate in the signature collection process together with the Popular Front and will also undertake the organizational procedures for the nomination of its own candidate.

“This election is very important for our country. Vladimir Putin’s victory over them is a prerequisite for the Victory of Russia. And we will do everything to win it. We will ensure maximum support for our president, maximum openness and legitimacy of the campaign,” he said.

Co-chairman of the Central Headquarters of the Popular Front and head of the Talent and Success educational foundation Elena Shmeleva noted that each of those gathered understood that, despite all obstacles, we can continue the path of development only with Putin.

“We see how the economy is strengthening despite systematic sabotage from outside. We see that we are building and developing a dominant education system. “It turned out to be a great support for both science and the development of advanced technologies,” he said.

Let’s remember that before there was Russian President Vladimir Putin. announcedHe said he would run for president of Russia. Elections will take place between March 15 and March 17, 2024.

Source: Gazeta


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