Hard blow to drug trafficking in Tenerife: A ton of highest purity cocaine was seized in a luxury chalet

agents National Police One ton of cocaine of the highest purity was seized a luxury chalet TenerifeThis is the largest arrest of a Spanish crime syndicate on the islands. A total of 9 people were detained within the scope of the operation, 7 of whom were members of this organization. citizens In addition to the capture of a major Colombian drug trafficker, who served as the notary of the origin network, and an Italian criminal who was connected to the mafia in our country and was trying to open new markets in Spain. Additionally, eight recordings were made in the states of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Málaga and Seville. 9 vehicles were intervened, 12,000 euros in casha money counting machine, jammers, tracking devices, a drone and an arsenal of edged weapons

The operation began months ago, when agents learned of the existence of an organization originating from Spain that was involved in the distribution of cocaine shipments. South Americawith branches in the provinces Malaga, Seville, The islands of Lanzarote and Tenerife.

Vehicle with 100 kilos of cocaine in its trunk

Researchers found that there was an increase in the activities of the organization due to the main members of the organization meeting with other members from Malaga. The latter had rented a vehicle, and the agents were able to see how they gained access to one of the houses guarded by that vehicle, as well as a high-end car that served as counter surveillance. Suspecting that they might be carrying some type of narcotic substance, the agents decided to stop them, at which point the drivers decided to flee despite being caught and showed great resistance to police intervention. The teams opened the trunk of the rental car and found 4 sports bags containing 100 kilograms of cocaine. As a result of this discovery, the leaders of the organization were arrested minutes later.

950 kilos of cocaine in a luxury chalet

In parallel, a search was made in the luxury chalet in the town of Barranco Hondo (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), where 100 kilos of cocaine was loaded, and two people guarding 950 kilos of cocaine inside were arrested. agents. In order to enter this house, the intervention of GOES was necessary because the criminals were dangerous.

Eight new searches were subsequently carried out in the states of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Málaga and Seville, where 9 vehicles, 12,000 euros in cash, an arsenal of money counting machines, frequency blockers, location devices, drones and sharp-edged weapons were found.

Although those who initiated the investigation tried to hide from justice, the 7 people who formed this organization were finally caught. Additionally, a major Colombian drug trafficker was arrested, who days earlier had traveled to the island of Tenerife as a notary of the originating organization to ensure that cocaine was distributed and to collect the agreed-upon money. selling from the organization to their bosses. Likewise, an Italian citizen who moved to Spain to open new markets in our country and has ties to that country’s mafia was also arrested.

With this operation, this organization was deemed to have been destroyed and a historical cache was seized. Canary Islandsthe largest ever recorded. Nine people taken into custody were arrested and sent to prison.

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