US vetoes emergency humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza at UN

United States of America he used his again Veto power in the United Nations Security Council and this friday afternoon stopped a solution this spurred something Urgent humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The United Kingdom, another of the five members with veto power, abstained from the text, with the other 13 members of the Council voting in favour.

Washington’s attitude was expected. Sabah had raised the issue at another session of the Council. Robert Wood, The same representative of the American embassy left alone Raise your hand against the resolution prepared and sponsored by the United Arab Emirates within 24 hours. More than 97 countries including Spain.

This attitude of the USA, its closest ally, Israel, Not new. As recently as October, Washington used its veto power to halt a Brazilian resolution calling for “humanitarian pauses”, arguing that more time was needed for diplomacy. However, this time the decision not to support the Emirates decision, which was the sixth decision taken by the Council since the crisis began on 7 October. Another blow to Palestinians but also for the UN and its Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The Portuguese took a decision on Wednesday that is unprecedented during his tenure and has only four precedents in the history of the organization. Invoke Article 99 of the United Nations Charter. “This instrument allows a Secretary-General to bring before the Council any matter that he considers threatens the maintenance of world peace and security.”

staring into the abyss

In the morning session of the Council, Guterres emphasized: situation in Gaza This is critical andtotally unsustainable“and” mentioned someone turning point“, as he said himself, “Gaza people stare into the abyss”. “There is a high risk” Completely collapse the entire human support system “In Gaza,” he warned, warning that this collapse would continue. “Devastating consequences” For both Gaza and the security of the entire region area.

Guterres, who was constantly attacked and called on Israel to resign, came back in his speech. condemn without hesitation Reports of sexual violence due to Hamas attacks and hostage-taking on October 7 were met with outrage, but he also offered reassurance: savagery carried out by Hamas It can never justify collective punishment of the Palestinian people”.

Guterres also drew attention to rocket attacks. Hamas They said they were against Israel and the use of civilians as human shields, but “this behavior Does not exempt Israel from its own violations”.

International humanitarian law cannot be applied selectively “And the obligation to comply with this does not depend on reciprocity,” said Guterres, reminding us of the obligation to protect civilians, comply with the principles of proportionality and ensure the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid. But as the Portuguese recalled, in Gaza “conditions for the effective delivery of humanitarian aid no longer exist.”

A solution without perspective

U.S. representative Wood argued that he refused to support an immediate ceasefire, saying that the cessation of hostilities was “only seeds of the next war“. Meanwhile, the representative of the United Kingdom announced that he abstained, arguing that the resolution did not clearly condemn the October 7 atrocity.

Washington has a position similar to the one it defended before the Council this morning. Israeli Ambassador Gilad ErdanWhile claiming that “the ceasefire means that everyone’s suffering will continue” Riyad Mansour, representative of Palestine, rI am reminded of the urgency of achieving this. “Show us Show respect with actions, not words, “Respect our lives and our rights,” he shouted.

Before the vote, although the results were awaited, spokesman GuterresStephane Dujarric, “He did not want to answer what steps the Secretary-General could take next after activating Article 99.”The next step is to proceed step by step“said.

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