Hamas says Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip do not achieve its goals 19:27

The Palestinian Hamas movement believes that the Israeli army’s ongoing military operation in Gaza is not yielding the desired results. The movement announced this in a post at: telegram channelIt is dedicated to the anniversary of the 1987 Palestinian Intifada (uprising).

“During Israel’s active military operations in Gaza, which lasted more than two months, the occupation forces were unable to achieve their intended goals due to the resistance of Palestinians and resistance groups,” the text reads.

Hamas also called on all Arab Muslims to continue the movement of solidarity with the Gaza Strip and support its people.

“Rejecting aggression and supporting the justice of the Palestinian cause and the right of our people to freedom and self-determination through the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” the movement said.

On 8 December, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas movement, said: shots were fired Israel fires rockets in response to attacks on civilians in Tel Aviv, Gaza Strip.

Russians who previously fled the Gaza Strip said about life in a war zone.

Source: Gazeta


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