Chemists and volcanologists explain why coffee beans should be soaked before grinding 19:59

American scientists from Oregon State University explained from a scientific point of view why coffee beans are moistened before grinding. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine Subject.

The breaking and friction of coffee beans during grinding creates a static charge, which causes the coffee particles to clump together and stick to the grinder. Coffee beans with higher internal humidity produce less static electricity, which means less coffee waste and less mess to clean up.

The team also proved that grinding with water increases extraction time, producing a thicker, richer espresso.

“Moisture is what determines the amount of charge created during the grinding of the beans, whether it is moisture remaining inside the roasted coffee or external moisture added during grinding. It could also have a significant impact on the drink’s density and its ability to produce potentially higher concentrations of beneficial flavors, said senior study author Christopher Hendon.

Researchers noted that the electrification of coffee beans in the coffee grinder has much in common with the processes that occur during volcanic eruptions.

Volcanologist Joshua Mendez Harper explains: “During an eruption, magma breaks up into many small particles that then emerge from the volcano as a large cloud, and during this process, these particles rub against each other and become charged enough to produce lightning.” .

According to the authors of the scientific paper, their research goes beyond everyday life, as the electrification of granular materials remains an active area of ​​research in materials science, geophysics and engineering. The findings could help scientists solve parallel problems in geophysics — such as landslides, volcanic eruptions, or how water seeps through the soil.

Previous researchers opened A new beneficial property of coffee and tea.

Source: Gazeta


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