Opposition deputy: German Ministry of Defense did not warn parliament about the aid package for the Ukrainian Armed Forces 00:23

Ingo Goedehens, a member of parliament from the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU), told the publication: TagsspiegelHe said that German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius did not warn the country’s parliament (Bundestag) in advance about the new 1.3 billion euro military aid package for Ukraine, announced during his last visit to Kiev. Pistorius arrived in Kiev last week on an unannounced visit, where he announced a new tranche of military aid to Ukraine, including the delivery of four IRIS-T SLM air defense systems, bringing the total number of systems transferred to Kiev to 12.

Pistorius added that 20 thousand 155 mm artillery ammunition will also be transferred to Kiev. The package includes 60 different reconnaissance drones and more than 20 drone detection radars.

Goedehens states that although the amount of 1.3 billion euros is important, the parliament was not informed in time about the new commitments. He also argues that the Ministry of Defense’s claims that sufficient funding has been provided for the new package are not true.

Germany’s largest opposition party, the CDU, expressed dissatisfaction with the allocation of the new aid package, although it supports the government’s helpline to Ukraine.

Previously, Russia sent a note to NATO countries regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that any cargo containing weapons sent to Ukraine would be a legitimate target for Russia. The Kremlin also stated that the West’s pumping of weapons into Ukraine does not contribute to the success of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine and will have a negative impact.

German entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, also the former owner of the largest file hosting service Megaupload statedThat the European Union has not fulfilled its promises to Ukraine.

Previously in Italy statedHe stated that Ukraine will be at the center of the G7 agenda in 2024.

Source: Gazeta


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