In an age where greener and more economical alternatives are sought for household chores, clean the glass with vinegar It has become a favorite technique due to its effectiveness and simplicity. Combining the best of our grandmothers’ traditional methods with an environmentally friendly approach, this application is ideal for those looking for flawless results without resorting to aggressive chemicals. In this article, we will guide you step by step on this subject. homemade trick and we give you additional cleaning tips to get crystals that shine with their own light.

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Why should you clean glass with vinegar?

Distilled white vinegar is known for its cleaning, disinfecting and degreasing properties, making it an excellent ally in window cleaning. It is also a safe and natural option compared to commercial glass cleaners that contain chemicals.

How to clean window glass with vinegar?

Cleaning windows with vinegar is not only effective but also friendly to the environment and your pocket. By avoiding chemicals, you protect both your health and the planet, and vinegar’s low cost makes it accessible to everyone.

  1. Mixing equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle is the first step. If you’re dealing with tough stains or grease, adding a few drops of mild liquid detergent will increase its cleaning power.

  2. Spraying the solution onto the glass and gently wiping it using crumpled newspaper or a microfiber cloth removes the dirt without leaving any lint behind. The newspaper, in particular, is an old trick that still surprises today with its effectiveness.

  3. When using a microfiber cloth, be sure to move to a dry area or use another cloth to dry and polish the glass. Using the newspaper, continue rubbing until the glass is dry and shiny.

Tips for cleaning glass with vinegar

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  • Avoid direct sunlight: Cleaning on sunny days can cause the solution to dry too quickly and leave streaks.

  • Cleaning Direction: Always clean from top to bottom to avoid dripping onto cleaned areas.

  • Final check: Check the lenses from different angles to make sure there are no streaks or smudges.

Cleaning glass with vinegar is not a fad; It’s a proven home hack that gives great results with a sustainable and affordable approach. If you’re looking for a greener alternative for your home or just want sparkling crystals without much effort, this method is for you.