Cinemas are flooded with 16 premieres: from ‘Digimon’ to ‘Especially at night’

The last month of the year begins and new movies are piling up in cinemas; This Friday features 16 of the most diverse offerings, from ‘Christmas in Your Hands’ starring Santiago Segura to the manga ‘Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning’ or the Spanish ‘indie’ gem ‘About Everything at Night’. Lola Dueñas and Ana Torrent.

‘Especially at night’

Basque filmmaker Victor Iriarte She makes her feature film debut with ‘It’s All About the Night’, a poetic and simple story about the love of two women for the same child, Cora (Ana Torrent), who adopts him, and the one who gives birth to him. Vera (Lola Dueñas), whom they tried to convince when she was very young that the child was stillborn.

‘Dinner table’

Caye Houses (author of horror films such as ‘Killing God’) immerses himself in black comedy to tell the story of Mary and Jesus, who become new parents at one of the worst moments in their relationship. Even though it has all kinds of problems, buying a small table for the dining room at home would be the worst.

‘A night with Adela’

Laura Galan (Goya for ‘Pig’), Jimmy Barnatan and Litus ‘Una noche con Adela’ star, debut Hugo RuizAdela, a street sweeper working the night shift in Madrid, contacts the ‘Hablar portal’ radio program, which will also be directed by Gemma Nierga for the film, and tells her that she will settle the accounts when she is done with her work. with the criminals of their miserable lives.

‘Christmas is in your hands’

A few days before Christmas, Father christmas (Santiago Segura) has a sledding accident in the heart of Madrid and is hospitalized; Fortunately, Salva (Ernesto Sevilla), his roommate may take his place in the sacred duty of delivering gifts, even though his lifestyle is far from ‘good-natured’.

‘Eight Moroccan surnames’

After X-raying the Basques and Catalans, the highest-grossing epic of Spanish cinema is changing the continent and its artistic team with its third film, ‘Eight Moroccan Surnames’. Julian Lopez and Michelle Jenner He leads the cast but continues to suggest overcoming prejudices through humour.


Video clip creator Antonina Obrador He is directing his first feature film ‘Quest’, starring Enric Auquer, Laia Manzanares, Miquel Gelabert and María ArnalIt tells the story of biologist Lluc, who, marked by the suicide of his wife María, decides to investigate the vegetation of the place where she died: the deserted island of Quest.

‘Digimon: The Beginning’

The sequel to “Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna”, which he also directed. Tomohisa Taguchi‘Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning’ takes place in 2012, ten years after the adventure in the Digital World. Daisuke Motomiya He is now twenty years old and a huge Digitama appears in the sky above Tokyo Tower. A mysterious young man named Lui Ohwada claims to be the world’s first Chosen One.

‘Godzilla: Minus One’

Japan was devastated after the end of the war II. World War, It goes into crisis with the emergence of a monster created by the atomic bomb.

‘He came to me’

Directed by Rebecca Miller Peter Dinklage, Anne Hathaway and Marisa Tomei ‘He Came to Me’, a romantic comedy that tells the story of a blocked composer who rediscovers his passion in an adventurous night.

‘Silent Night’

A grieving father (Joel Kinnaman) witnesses the death of his son, caught in the gang’s crossfire. Full Christmas EveThe man, whose voice is broken and hoarse due to the deep wound affecting his vocal cords, begins preparations for his revenge.


Argentine Rodrigo Moreno In his eighth feature film, ‘The Criminals’, he tells how two bank employees question their routine existence and find a solution to escape boredom: committing crimes.

‘Callas: Paris 1958’

Tom Volf, director of the documentary ‘Maria by Callas’, now re-enacts the unforgettable night with the incredible and very private personal life of the ringtone diva. December 19, 1958‘in another documentary that captures her debut with her iconic performance at the Paris Opera, an event attended by all of Paris.

‘Cristina García Rodero: Sneak peek’

Carlota Nelson directs the documentary ‘Cristina García Rodero: A Sneak Peek’ about this self-taught woman and respected Spanish photographer, whose reports gradually reveal how people have been celebrating for more than half a century. life, love, beauty and death In the world.

‘Head and heart’

Ainhoa ​​Andraka and Zuri Goikoetxea Thirty years after the wheelchair basketball team made its first (and only) appearance at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​they are now directing the documentary ‘Head and Heart’ about the emergence of a new opportunity.

‘Three thieves and a lion’

Two interesting animated films, one for children, were also released; Norwegian’s ‘Three Thieves and a Lion’, a cautionary tale of trust and mutual support, and the directors’ remake of ‘Loving Vincent’. D. K. Welchman and Hugh WelchmanThis film, based on the Polish novel ‘In the Name of the Land’, was shot in live action this time and then painted with 40,000 oil paints.

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