USA announced the possibility of limiting military supplies to Israel 19:02

US President’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the US could limit arms supplies to Israel and impose conditions on providing new military aid to Tel Aviv. TASS.

In a statement, a White House spokesman commented on President Joe Biden’s remarks that US officials are discussing the imposition of special conditions for material approval.

“[Президент Байден] answered the question and accepted the idea [о введении ограничений на военную помощь]” said Sullivan.

November 24 US President Joe Biden statedThe world community needs to renew its efforts towards a two-state solution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

The Guardian newspaper previously wrote that the conflict in the Middle East is as follows: reduces the chance Biden is expected to be re-elected.

It was previously reported that Israeli intelligence for this year. I knew About plans to attack Hamas.

Source: Gazeta


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