New Year’s sweet gifts for children were asked to be useful and patriotic 10:13

This idea was suggested by Mikhail Vetrov, President of the Association of Manufacturers of Children’s Products, Works and Services. He sent a letter to the Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov, a copy of which is here. RT.

It is customary in schools and various companies to give gifts to children on New Year’s Eve. Vetrov recalled that, as a rule, they contained a variety of sweets: cakes, sweets, bars.

According to him, natural products that are not harmful to health can be included in the sets instead of traditional desserts. Moreover, Vetrov is sure that gifts can also be a means of raising children. For example, in addition to kits, schoolchildren should also be given patriotic patches and badges, clothing items or fashion accessories that celebrate the history and greatness of the country.

Therefore, the head of the association asked for consideration of his proposal to develop recommendations on the composition of New Year’s gifts aimed at instilling patriotism among students, as well as increasing their health benefits.

Previously confectioners Reacted to rumors of a sharp increase in the price of sweet New Year’s gifts.

Source: Gazeta


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