Prosecutors seek nine-year prison sentence for Dani Alves for Sutton nightclub rape

The Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office requested a nine-year prison sentence for the former FC Barcelona player. Daniel Alves, For alleged sexual assault by penetration, that is, rape, on the night of 30-31 December 2022 in the Sutton nightclub in the center of the Catalan capital. The public charge also demands 150,000 euros in compensation for the victim; This amount has already been recorded in court by the former football player and is subject to 10 years of probation. According to the document, the affected party is claiming this amount. The Barcelona Court twice confirmed the prison sentence given to the Brazilian star by the investigating judge of the case on January 20. After the prosecution’s defense, it will be time for the special investigation carried out by lawyer Ester Garcia on behalf of the victim, and then the football player’s defense.

Alves surrendered to justice during the investigation four different versions: He first claimed that he did not know the victim, then without further ado he admitted that he had met the young woman in the bathroom of the nightclub, and when the judge compared his statements with biological evidence, he claimed that the girl had committed an act. blowjob to her, kind of spoiled. The football player, whose semen traces were later detected in the victim’s private parts, testified again upon his own request and admitted that he had had sexual intercourse with her consent and that he had lied to hide his infidelity to his wife.

In private bathroom

Following Brazil’s elimination from the World Cup in Qatar, Alves traveled to Spain to relax with his wife Joana Sanz before joining the ranks of Mexico’s Club Universidad Nacional, known as the Pumas, where he played. The actor stayed in the Canary Islands while his wife looked after his mother, who went to a nursing home. On December 30, the former football player flew to Barcelona. That day, he called his friend Bruno and they met for dinner. They made a reservation at a restaurant in Eixample and then went to the restaurant. Sutton nightclub, on Tuset Street. They sat in a reserved VIP area with access to a camera-free ‘suite’ with a small bathroom next to the entrance. He was dancing with the victim and two friends for several minutes.

In his indictment, the investigating judge alleges that there were “sufficient rational indications” to “suppose” that Alves danced with the victim and that the former football player twice took her hand and placed it on his penis, before which the girl withdrew. in both cases. The football player then called out to the girl from the door leading to the small bathroom and then pulled her forcefully, the victim telling him to stop, according to that ruling.

However, according to the judge, Alves did not pay any attention to this, pulled her dress and put it on her, grabbed the back of her head and threw it to the ground, causing the girl to suffer a head injury. -, to get her to perform oral sex on him, although he was not successful, which left the football player “furious”. Immediately afterwards, the Brazilian gave the victim “several slaps” on the face, pressed her back against the small peg, rubbed his penis against her body and finally penetrated her “violently”, according to the order.

Source: Informacion


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