During the gang rape in Valencia, two witnesses scolded the defendant: “Let him go! Can’t you see he doesn’t want it?”

From Iberian Press: Levante-EMV: Two witnesses whose statements have not been taken yet because their identities have not been determined on the night of the gang rape of an 18-year-old girl in a field in Malva-rosa, Valencia, are coming. reporting exclusively since it happenedThey showed up to berate the alleged sex offenders in the middle of the attack. Their statements are important, which is why experts at the National Police’s UFAM sexual assault group continue to make efforts to find them.

According to the news of this newspaper, the events took place between 05.00 and 05.30 on the morning of Saturday, October 28, in the open area in front of the rear facade of the Malvarosa Civil Guard barracks, in the aforementioned Valencia neighbourhood. , the entire scene of the attack was recorded from one of the security cameras.

This newspaper has learned from reliable sources that while the first part of the multiple rape took place in the back of the trailer, the second stage was already inside Merceds Class A, the target of one of the detainees, where it allegedly involved only runaway minors and released on bail arrestedThe same person who gained the girl’s trust and took her to prison, two young men who had nothing to do with the group appeared on stage.

They caught their attention

Those moments were also reflected on the camera at the Civil Guard Barracks. In the recording you can see them approaching and leaving after a very short time. Like the rest of what happens, the footage matches the girl’s story perfectly. He even declared to UFAM National Police investigators that he wanted to leave while trying to defend himself with his elbows, the only part of his body, when he told the attackers to leave him during the attack. While they were not restraining her, she noticed two more young people approaching and scolded the attackers: “Let her go! Can’t you see that she doesn’t want it? At that moment, the girl escaped from the attackers and started looking for help.

No one identified them that night

It is true that these two witnesses left without intervening or asking for help, but the Police are trying to identify them not for that reason but because their statements could be essential for the victim. As seen on camera, they appear accompanied by civilian protection and security guards as they escort the victim and her friend to the scene of her rape. just as the attackers quickly left the car when they saw the agent appear.

Later, the same two witnesses are recorded by another camera waiting at the door of the barracks. But they both left without asking for their identities, so the National Police now has serious difficulties knowing who they are and calling them as witnesses.

Fourth suspect wanted: A child under 17

Meanwhile, agents in charge of the case continue to intensively search for the fourth person allegedly involved in the group rape, a 17-year-old minor whom the other three have identified as friends who went to party with them in Valencia. They live in a municipality in the south of the province of Valencia on Friday night From 27 October to Saturday 28 Octoberwhen multiple rape occurs.

As this newspaper reported earlier this week, the fourth suspect has been fully identified but has not been arrested at this time and remains under wraps. Police are continuing an open operation to find him after his family insisted they had heard nothing from him since that weekend.

The other three arrested are all 23 years old, one has been in prison since November 4, and the other is free on bail. 5,000 euros and third, regarding parole. . In the last two, the Valencian Instruction Court 20, who acted as guard, issued a restraining order against the victim, preventing him from approaching or communicating with her in any way. All three have a history of sexual offenses or domestic violence, this newspaper reported.

There are only four people

The recording, made by one of the rear surround cameras, captures not only the exact sequence of the group attack on the girl, but also the comings and goings of the four men involved, as detailed by this newspaper. In fact the Police are quite strong on this issue: there are only four people involved in multiple rapes; Three have already been arrested and the minor is wanted. The victim is also clear: She remembers that three different men raped her and gives information about why she knows.

So the camera recorded the arrival of one of the white Mercedes A-Class shortly before half past one in the morning. After parking next to the caravan, you can find the open area used as a car park at the intersection of Astilleros and Vicent Guillot Tío Bola streets. they are going out four young people inside and head Along the pedestrian part of the second street passing by the barracks towards the nightclub.

The camera didn’t catch them again until four minutes before 5:00 a.m., when the two primary investigators – the minor who had not yet been arrested and the incarcerated one – returned to the scene and crouched behind a trailer. Parked next to the Mercedes.

A series of encerronas

One of them, a minor, called on the phone, and a minute later another person allegedly involved in the incident appeared, with whom the young woman voluntarily and confidently accompanied, not knowing the plan hanging over her. The multiple sexual assaults lasted almost half an hour, first in the back of the holiday van and then inside the Mercedes.

When the girl manages to escape, jJust as two witnesses were scolding the attackers, He asked for help from the nightclub security guard. and a civil guard escorting him into the open field. Meanwhile, the suspects, who saw them coming and were recorded on cameras as they hurriedly got into the vehicle, got into the Mercedes and began to quickly escape from the parking lot. The three surrendered six days later after learning that the car owner had identified him to police.

Source: Informacion


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