Rural tourism catches the air in Zamora, but recovery in employment resists

Rural tourism is regaining the vitality it had before the crisis broke out. Pandemic. April passenger figures, Published this Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics, They reflect a reality very similar to that perceived in the same period of 2019. Businesses in the province in April three years ago Zamora received 7,236 visitors; on this occasion that number has dropped to 7,197, a tie that marks a return to the pre-virus starting point.

More foreign visitors

In fact, the biggest change that can be observed in April 2022 is the increase in the number of foreign visitors compared to the same month of 2019. The number of foreigners staying overnight in the rural tourism business in the province has increased. It doubled from one period to the next going from 342 to 638. factor blessed week there is either way, because in both cases the Passion took place in April.

What does it have to do with the overnight stay, it’s still perceived A slightly larger gap between April 2019 and 2022. In the month before the outbreak, rural tourism businesses in Zamora had 16,339 nights of occupancy, but three years later that number dropped to 15,724.

Comparison with 2019 remains more consistent than what could be done with 2021. In April last year, a large number of restrictions on the restriction of human movements were still in effect; among them, without going further, the closure of the perimeter or the curfew, that is, the data is quite conditional.

In this sense, it is enough to see this in Zamora.Number of passengers increased by 297% Compared to April 2021, the number of overnight stays increased by 244%. This increase has contributed to supporting Castilla y León’s leadership as a favorite destination for rural tourism in Spain.

No transfer to work

In this way, the latest data show that there is a visible recovery in the sector, which has not yet fully engaged in employment. at least until now ZamoraWhile 464 people worked in these organizations in April 2019, now only 372 people work. On the positive side, in the same month of 2021, the staff consisted of 327 men and women.

This is the expectation most Task he’s getting better while the tourism industry in general is settling into its new context. In a year without the most detrimental restrictions for businesses, groups like the Zamorana Rural Tourism Association (Aztur) are already taking steps to boost activity and are starting to launch projects that have been somewhat halted due to the pandemic. .

Cotton testing for this sector will take place during the summer months, when the tourist movement is expected to take place at full capacity, as fear of the virus wanes and citizens’ confidence is reshaped.

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