Palma institute teacher arrested for sexually harassing at least six female students over the phone.

this National Police arrested today in Palma backup music teacher for an institute Telephone sexual harassment of at least six students in the center, made obscene comments surpassed social media.

The investigation carried out by the agencies, National Police Family and Minors Unit (Ufam), A.Ş.’s complaint.15 year old teenagers, who sufferedTelephone call of the teacher, who has replaced the music conductor since January, with comments and sexual proposals. According to the complaint, the minor’s facts address of the centerbut i found this they ignored him.

After filing the complaint with the police, investigators would discover it. at least six studentsall the little ones would suffer alleged phone harassment. It is an application known as “babysitter”formed Contact minors to obtain images and other sexual content.

The teacher, a 38-year-old male, He was arrested by the Police today.

Source: Informacion


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