Venezuela opposition primaries enter a zone of turbulence

The Venezuelan opposition’s primary elections, scheduled for October 22, have entered a turbulent period. HE National Electoral Council (CNE) proposed postponing the elections to November 19, using an automatic voting system “to guarantee a transparent process.” But the offer comes with a hidden caveat. CNE,”special competition“In every election in the country. He did this after four months of silence due, among other reasons, to the unusual deactivation of the organization due to the resignation of its rectors.

The National Primary Commission (CNP) decided to maintain the date, agreed program and voting system agreed upon by all participating forces. ballot papersDespite the pressures of Madurismo. God gave me hairThe government’s number two and vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) described the mechanism the opposition has devised to determine the only candidate to face Nicolás Maduro in 2024: The process is “supervised” by the USA. He even suggested that primaries might not be held. “Music is played by whoever pays the money, whoever gets the money from the USA, and they will do whatever the USA decides, it is not up to them. If the USA says tomorrow it will be with the CNE, they will do it. Say yes!”

It didn’t take long for the immaturity to react. “We are receiving reports from different states of the country that agents affiliated with the regime have contacted members of the regional primary council. usurp themFor them to abandon their responsibilities,” said Causa R, the force that led Andrés Velázquez in the internal elections.

Claiming that there are approximately 3,000 voting centers in 331 of the country’s 335 municipalities, especially in public areas, CNP asked the state institution to open 400 schools to expand voting opportunities. Cabello rejected this request.


Vicente Díaz, former rector of the CNE, called on the opposition to “seriously” consider the electoral body’s proposal because “self-managed” elections had “serious drawbacks”. Luis Salamanca, who also held the same position in the CNE, said that the CNP “veiled threat“Since the priority attributed to the state body is not “constitutionally or legally” established in the matter of primary elections. “What it has the absolute power to do is to organize elections for public offices.” Director of the Center for the Study of Politicians and Government Andrés Bello Catholic University, Benigno Alarcón, technical director of the CNE He speculated that the offer of support was strictly aimed at the failure of the primaries.

The danger signals began at a time when the right-winger María Corina Machado emerged. probable winner of the primaries. Machado, who has for years established himself as one of the opposition’s most uncompromising voices, has rejected any agreement with the government to hold internal opposition elections. “The process has already moved forward, many people have already been trained, the materials are already ready, so there is no turning back from here.”


There is a very important political issue revolving around the name of this leader, which could determine the fate of the primaries much more than the change of date. Vente became Venezuela’s candidate banned from public office By the Comptroller’s Office, like other competitors Henrique Capriles. Both considered the measure an “act of desperation” by the Miraflores Palace. The CNP never considered sanctioning, but it represents an unanswered question.

In fact, this normative measure is not irrelevant to the situation. The stagnation of negotiations between the opposition and Madurismo It took place in Mexico under the sponsorship of the international community. The date of the 2024 elections, which is still uncertain, should also emerge from these conversations. In return, the Miraflores Palace demanded the complete removal of economic sanctions, which it claimed were the cause of the social disaster. Washington has joined countries that have offered a gradual relaxation of these measures in exchange for guarantees of transparency in elections, among other gestures of political openness.

In this context, the figure of Machado has come to the fore. “There is no doubt that he is the favorite to win the primaries, with or without the CNE. However, his victory on 22 October is more certain than on 19 November. “Then it makes sense for him to reject change,” said analyst Luis Vicente León. What is not clear to observers is whether Maduro is choosing to polarize with him in the presidential election or is trying to remove him from the electoral race because he thinks that’s the case. could jeopardize his continuity in power.

Source: Informacion


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