Spanish market fell 10.9% in May, but shows signs of improvement

looks out a little light in the dark tunnel he passed through automobile industry in spain. They were sold in the country last May, according to the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac). 84,977 units, 10.9% less compared to the same month last year. There are nuances to this decline, however, as the individual and business channels increased by 4.3% and 3.3% respectively, but they were not able to compensate for this decline. collapse of 41.4% of leasing companies.

In the accumulation of the year, the Spanish market adds 318,487 registered, 11.5% less Compared to the first five months of 2021. “Although the market is shrinking, sales to individuals and companies are increasing. “This development places May on the record for the best of the year and reflects increased interest from buyers despite the economic and international context.”We’ll have to wait for evolution “To determine whether this is a one-off event or the first sign of a recovery in demand,” he adds.

While light commercial vehicle registrations fell 32.7% to 10,914 units, in 2021 these figures reached 46,369 units, 36.1% less. Although the sales of 1,930 units of industrial vehicles, buses, coaches and minibuses increased by 5.1% compared to the previous year and reached 10,419 units, sales fell by 1.7%.

More petrol, less alternatives

I will continue in May the rising trend of gasoline vehiclesThe percentage from diesel vehicles, which accumulated 45.1 percent of the market 1.5 percent more than in April, decreased by 1 percent to 16.6 percent, and alternative cars (hybrid, electric and gas) that lost the rest 0.5 percent of the market. to 38.3%. In the cumulative figure for the year, gasoline vehicles accounted for 42.7% of sales, alternative vehicles accounted for 39.8% of registrations and diesel only 17.5%.

This more gasoline vehicle weight on the market, increase in average emissions from new carsReaching 122 grams of CO2 per kilometer, 2.9% less than in May 2021 but 0.2% more than last April.

Seat reclaims the throne

Not a great year for seatsused to being in the first place Sales listings in Spain. But in May, they regained the throne thanks to Arona and Ibiza. The small SUV was the best-selling car in May, adding 4,113 records last month, making it the most popular car of the year at 9,812, while the Ibiza added 1,846 to become the ninth best-selling car in May. Last month, Hyundai Tucson (2,891) and Peugeot 2008 (2,582) closed the podium.

Seat sold a total of 8,118 units in May and was also the top-selling manufacturer. The company from Martorell achieved 25,265 sales this year, ranking second after Toyota in the bestseller list, second with 8,051 units last month and first with 28,885 units this year. While Hyundai closed the podium with 7,207 units in May, Kia closed 2021 with 24,730 units.

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