Amazon focuses on SMEs as growth strategy in Spain

this multinational Amazon E-commerce dominates by far in Spain. €6,000 million of estimated revenues in Spain, PWC consultant He points out that Spanish SMEs selling on Amazon opened more than 800 million euros to the country’s economy in 2020. Amazon’s commercial brokerage revenue is estimated to equal slightly less than 50% of total revenue, but its affiliation with SMEs is strategic and the multinational aims to strengthen that relationship in direct competition with its major Chinese competitor, Aliexpress. Giant’s Alliance electronic trade It hides behind the fact that 19% of all Spanish companies’ revenue in 2021 with SMEs comes from online sales., a percentage that will grow in the future. PWC research finds that 94% of the Hispanic population use a mobile phone to access the internet, 20 percentage points more than in 2019 and 67% to shop. SMEs cannot be left out of this unstoppable trend.

If online sales of Spanish companies were practically stagnant from 2016 to 2020, the pandemic has radically changed the situation. “From 2019 to 2020, there was a six-point increase in the proportion of companies selling via e-commerce, the largest increase in the last decade,” the PWC study says.

this E-commerce war in Spain has focused in recent years consolidation of virtual stores attracting independent sellers. The ‘Marketplaces’ war already has clear winners. Distribution experts say markets are not capable of acquiring more than a handful of general sales operators. Staying away from these five means deducting the bulk of online sales. Everything points to Amazon, El Corte Ingles and Aliexpress reaffirming their positions as main general outlets.

The report prepared by PWC, ‘The economic impact of Spanish SMEs selling through the Amazon market’ It reveals that more than 70% of Spanish small and medium-sized companies selling on the Amazon store have increased their turnover since they started selling through this channel. In addition, about 50% have increased their sales by more than 25%. The analysis commissioned by Amazon shows that for every euro that directly contributes to the country’s GDP by SMEs selling on Amazon, 2.8 euros are generated in the Spanish economy as a whole, which means that SMEs represent the total of Spanish companies selling on Amazon. guarantees its effectiveness. More than 800 million euros.

Apart from this macroeconomic evaluation, the weight of ‘marketplaces’ in the commercial strategies of companies is increasing. The main countries where small and medium-sized Spanish companies sell their products through Amazon are France, with exports exceeding 170 million Euros; Germany, which is around 145 million euros, and lastly Italy, which exports over 140 million euros. With Amazon’s accumulated direct investment of €10,500 million in Spain since 2013, the multinational has created 18,000 jobs.

Source: Informacion


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