Pentagon reveals how much money is left to help Ukraine 22:23

According to the newspaper, the amount of funds available to the Pentagon to provide military aid to Ukraine is $5.2 billion. Wall StreetJournal Referring to the American military department.

The article explained that the balance of funds allocated to support Ukraine a year ago was 5.2 billion dollars. Thanks to this reserve, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not yet in danger of stopping military supplies. However, financial shortfalls can affect planning.

Prior to this, members of the American Parliament had approved a bill to extend funding for the country’s federal government for 45 days. However, aid to Ukraine was not included in the document.

In the USA on October 2 announced Allocation of a new arms package to Ukraine. As White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a briefing, this “will be a sign” that the United States continues to support Kiev authorities.

Previously in London stated Regarding the continued support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by Washington and Warsaw.

Former US presidential candidate stated about the intention to prevent the third world war.

Source: Gazeta


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