‘The Foundation (T1)’: the sci-fi epic that should reign

Foundation (T1) ★★★★

Creators: David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman

Address: Rupert Sanders, Andrew Bernstein, Alex Graves and others

Distribution: Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Llobell, Leah Harvey

Country: United States of America

Duration: 45 to 68 minutes (10 episodes)

Year: 2021

Gender: Science fiction

Final episode premiere: November 19 (Apple TV+)

How should a series be built into the collective imagination? What requirements must be met? Hard questions to answer: no one knows, and phenomena often arise really spontaneously, not from a perfect orchestration of creative resources and commercial instincts.

But in the current ‘streaming’ panorama, the question is not what, but where: One wonders how ‘The Foundation’ will work, an ambitious novel adaptation by the authors. issac asimovA service that has been somewhat ignored and penalized by the press just because it comes from a tech giant, as it launches on a platform with more clout than the (pretty excellent) Apple TV+.

‘The Foundation’ premiered at the end of September without much fanfare, and this historian wanted to see a new milestone in the series, something no sci-fi fan (or simply, well-done) would want to miss: somewhere in between the galactic series, that’s right, Asimov (but Big Ideas makes more room for action and romance), something like this ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (2004 version) and cried ‘Game of Thrones’That Vertigo drank openly with delight from the ‘cliff’. It’s impossible to resist his characters by psychohistorian Hari Seldon (jared harris stealing sage for a change) to magnetic Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey), guardian of the settlement of the planet Terminus, from which Seldon’s project to save humanity from thousands of years of darkness will begin. Without forgetting a contribution from ‘Showrunner’ David S Goyer and his team: Three clones of different ages of the first emperor of the Imperium.

The journey was not without its disappointments, either: due to the unfolding of plots and the constant jumps between times and planets, the series managed to lose momentum several times, especially in its middle part. But even as the narrative lost its tension, ‘Foundation’ continued to dazzle as a visual object: 2021’s most visually imposing series. ‘Underground Railroad’; It’s something TV shows can and should do, creating the most memorable images.

However, with the last two episodes where Goyer and his writers proved they knew what they were doing, complaints about the broad nature of the plot were turned to ashes. The tripartite war at Terminus came with unexpected tables, revelations, announcements of new beginnings or confessions ensuing, bringing together what had previously seemed scattered. What seemed endless was only the beginning, and a new horizon opened up before the viewer.

Goyer wants to reach eight seasons. Currently, the latter is insured. The job of the world is to catch the ‘Foundation’.

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