Igualada victim reveals she panicked after rape

this brutally suffering young man breach in Igualada The dawn of last November 1, this Tuesday, in the court of the capital of the Anoia region, declared that the truth was instructed. But he didn’t do it in the same room as his rapist. He was in front of the judge and the other parties in the courtroom and appeared telematically. Moreover, the attacker could not see him, he only heard his voice. According to sources found in the room, the man Didn’t even look upwith a gesture of indifference that attracts the attention of those present.

The girl’s expression lasted only a few minutes. given doesn’t remember anything The parties did not have the opportunity to question him in order to gather further evidence of the attack. The police officers who caught the attacker, accompanied by psychologists and investigators from Mossos d’Esquadra’s Sexual Assaults Center Unit (UCAS), answer the judge’s questions through these professionals. In other words, the judge conveyed the question over the phone, but it was the psychologist who formulated it to the victim. This process, in which the judicial system puts up with all the troubles, do not emphasize the so-called re-victimization The number of sexually assaulted persons also aims to make this victim’s statement pre-constructed evidence. This means that The victim should never testify again, even during the trial.. For a statement to be considered preformed, it must be made in the presence of all parties. That’s why the rape suspect was in the room with his lawyer on Tuesday.


Although she doesn’t remember anything about what happened – she’s sure she suffered from a power outage that lasted for a dozen days that began as she left the Epic nightclub in Igualada – the young woman said: she knows what she’s suffering because they told her. And since then, he has been suffering from headaches in the form of holes, which is highlighted when he hears the case. He said he felt it too. panic when leaving the house.

The attacker surrendered violent blow to the head of the victim who left him unconsciouswas found like this by a trucker after she was raped. It is this trauma that does not prevent Mossos from collecting numerous evidence against the rapist, including DNA, and on the other hand, helps the woman not to carry her memory. from his horror.

Defending the interests of the entertainment industry and Epic nightclub through attorney Joaquim Boadas, Fecasarm announced that it will make a request. Up to 26 years in prison for rape and attempted murder. Boadas, who also wanted the rape to be a turning point that ended the attacks on women who went to the party, explained, “We don’t want this character to go back to the street.” “We want more police presence around clubs, more public disclosure and an awareness campaign.”

Source: Informacion


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